Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Abomination to the Lord

In the news on June 23, 2010

High school seniors in Conn. city will not be graduating in the 'year of our Lord' this year, or any future years, after someone complained about religious reference

This is regarding teens' reading material:
Turning next to bookstores, they finally found what they'd been looking for — a recent explosion in the publishing world of reads that speak to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning teens

June is also, according to the Obamination, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Pride month.

Is it any wonder that God's judgment has already begun to be poured out upon this nation? How far we have fallen from our humble beginnings. The depths of our depravity as a nation has determined how far we will fall, how horrible that God's judgment upon this nation will be.


  1. Hello Brother,
    We are in trouble. If we look at the youth today, we must be horrified at the thought of these young people running our nation and making our laws.
    For we were warned that in the end children would be disrespectful to parents. It is just part of the curse coming down on this once GOD centered nation that has completely lost it's way. ..... Steve Hollander

  2. I pray that the elections will go well and we can remove from office some of the evil people in office in this country.

    God Have mercy on us.

    Frank Verret

  3. Brother Cliff and Steve we won't have to worry about the youth running the nation. There will dictators running them. Cliff, this is so painful to read. Our LORD does not deserve this. Yet, the natural man does not know what he does. My heart aches.

    In Christ,

  4. My heart aches as well, Cassie. When I read those two news articles today, my heart took a nosedive. It caused me great distress and sorrow that our nation has gone so far down the path of depravity. Yes, you are correct about our nation being under a dictatorship, by 2013 as the Lord told you.

  5. Confused what happens in 2013? Good post and much prayer for our youth. Troublesome times are ahead, heart goes out to all the young parents as well. Yah will not have this! Shalom.

  6. YahWarrior, before the end of his first term in office, Obama will bow his knees in surrender to the Russians - surrendering this nation, its military and its people. By 2013 this nation will be under a military dictatorship, probably Russian/Chinese. That is how short our time is.