Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Correction

In "The Destruction of the USA", my first message on this blog, I wrote about what God had shown me regarding Mikhal Gorbachev, how Russia would look to him as their savior and how I thought that he was going to run against Putin in the March, 2012 elections and beat Putin. Obviously the part about him running in this year's election did not come to pass and it was something I was wrong about. I apologize for that, my friends.

Let me explain what happened so you will understand that what God said is still going to come to pass, but how I went further than the Lord told me to. Back in the early 1990s the Lord showed me that Russia would look to Gorbachev in the future as their messiah, their savior. That will still come to pass, however I don't know how it will come to pass.

When the Lord impressed upon me to write "The Destruction of the USA" back in early 2009 I remembered what He had told me about Gorbachev early in the 90s and I decided to look him up on the internet to see what I could find out about his current status. Instead of simply writing what God had shown me about him, I decided to determine how it would happen. On the internet I saw that Gorbachev had begun another political party in 2007 with the intention of running for President of Russia in 2012. So I assumed that since the Lord told me that Russia would look to Gorbachev as their savior, that was how it was going to happen - he would be elected as President in 2012. Obviously I was wrong because I went beyond what God had told me and tried to figure out for myself how it would happen. It was my mistake and I learned a lesson from it - not to go beyond what God gives me to say and not to try to figure Him out. "His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts."

Yes, Russia will indeed look to Gorbachev as their savior in the future - that will come to pass. But as to how and when it will happen, I simply do not know.


  1. Cliff:

    Thank you for your humbleness, transparency and forthrightness when it comes to truth, God and His Word. It’s not a perfect man who is trustworthy, but a man who is willing to admit it when he has made a mistake is a truly a trustworthy man. We all make mistakes – only God is perfect. But not every man is willing to admit it when he makes a mistake because of his pride, and this is what actually turns people away from the Gospel. I’ve made plenty of errors myself when it comes to trying to understand God – His mind is so far above ours. Buy you, Cliff, I know I can always rely on and trust for absolute truth, honesty and integrity when it comes to trying to discern and accurately portray God’s Word, no matter what the cost or what it looks like to a carnal human mind. Keep up the great work in the Lord, Brother.


  2. Thanks, my dear brother, I appreciate you. As you said, only God is perfect - I certainly am not - and the last thing I want to do is mislead people. So, when I have missed the Lord then I feel that I need to correct that and let people know that it was my mistake.

  3. Hilbert: We know in part, we prophecy in part.
    I agree with your friends, it takes GREAT strength from God to be able to have humility.

    HOWEVER, things are coming to pass, its just we dont know day, hours, etc.

    I found a persons blog and in his comments, he sees the same thing happening.

    Me and my hubby ask God to bless you really special and protect you.