Monday, July 28, 2014


In a message on my blog several years ago I wrote that a solar storm would hit this nation before the end of Obama's first term, causing catastrophic damage to the electricity and electronics in major parts of this nation. When that happened our satellites would be blinded and the Russians would launch a nuclear attack upon us, then Obama would bow his knees in surrender to Putin, surrendering the USA to Russia. That didn't happen and I was devastated that I had misled people. I thought I missed the Lord.

A short time later I wrote a message on my blog stating that God had delayed His judgment upon this nation because of the prayers of the people, giving us a little more time to prepare. That sounded like an excuse for me missing the Lord. But in the past few days evidence has come out that indeed in 2012 there was a major solar storm that just missed this planet, one that would have caused absolutely catastrophic damage to this planet. It was a "near miss" as reported on Science News from NASA.

"July 23, 2014: If an asteroid big enough to knock modern civilization back to the 18th century appeared out of deep space and buzzed the Earth-Moon system, the near-miss would be instant worldwide headline news.

Two years ago, Earth experienced a close shave just as perilous, but most newspapers didn't mention it. The "impactor" was an extreme solar storm, the most powerful in as much as 150+ years.

"If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces," says Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado. "I have come away from our recent studies more convinced than ever that Earth and its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate that the 2012 eruption happened when it did," says Baker. "If the eruption had occurred only one week earlier, Earth would have been in the line of fire."

Although God was merciful this time, He won't be the next time. Before Obama leaves office we will be hit by the worst solar storm in history and its effects will be absolutely catastrophic! And yes, Obama will surrender this nation to the Russians.


  1. Judgement and destruction will, and is coming. I seen visions of the city of Grand Rapids, MI (in 2007) in ruins.. as a 3rd world country... an open vision in the daytime... burned out cars in the road, most of the houses burnt, dead bodies scattered around, a few here and a few there... the big buildings in the downtown area, most of the windows broken, a few look like they were on fire some time... this was in the late fall, this vision, as I was driving to work in the late afternoon in the summer time... the vision was in the late fall, and the vision lasted ~ 3-4 seconds in real time but the vision was over 2 minutes in length as it was like time slowed down.

    Russian troops are already here.

    most will not heed the warnings, ive been kicked out one church after another, as hidden things are given to me to know and as the Most High has me rebuke, reprove or edify these people, there is an approximate 95-97% rejection rate... very few are able to hear these days...

    Judgement is coming, death and destruction of the american empire, it is twilight and the darkness has been creeping in and covering this land for some time. too many people have grown accustomed to the darkness but have yet to experience its destruction that is already here...

  2. Cliff:

    I am reminded of God’s declaration that He would wipe out the Jews in the desert and start over with Moses, until Moses pleaded (interceded) with God on behalf of the people, “So the Lord changed His mind about the harm which He said He would do to His people” – Exodus 32:14. This Biblical illustration is a small microcosm of what God has been doing to America on a macrocosmic level now for many years. There are a lot of genuine interceders for this evil nation today, and God has been very, very merciful and slow to anger. I believe America would already be a wasteland of smoke if it were not for God’s true followers and interceders in this land – albeit they are very few in number.

    However, the signs, harbingers of disaster and “writing on the wall” could not be more clear – several large asteroid near misses, a coronal mass ejection near miss in 2012, serious potential global catastrophic plague scares that never materialized, economic scourging, and even threat of WWIII outbreak. But, for the most part, God has kept everything calm and under control – so as to allow sinners more time to repent in His awesome grace.

    But I am sorry to observe, however, that the pattern all throughout Biblical history is the same - typical to sinful human nature, these warning signs are ignored, laughed upon, and soon forgotten. Only until such time as the God-hating blinded masses are actually walloped and struck with such events of divine retribution in God’s sovereign anger, only then do the shortsighted and wayward people (who survive) start to realize the error of their ways, fall on their faces before a Living and Eternal God and repent. But by then usually only a small remnant is left to start over again properly acknowledging the Lord in truth.~ Brother Lance