Friday, November 6, 2009

Sports Stadium Destroyed?

This is a post that I've wrestled with for awhile because I'm not sure that it is a prophetic word from the Lord regarding the destruction of a stadium full of people. Let me make that very clear - I am not sure that this is a prophetic word from the Lord regarding the destruction of a sports stadium full of people. Only time will tell whether it is or isn't. But the warnings and lessons in this post are definitely from the Lord.

Several weeks ago the thought came to me that a sports stadium full of people would be destroyed by a terrorist attack, with great loss of life. The thought has persisted for several weeks now. We all know how Americans LOVE their sports. Their idols are sports "heros" who perform their "miracles" in stadiums (football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc). Much of the time when men get together they talk about sports and how their "heros" are doing. These "heros" have become their idols, even though so many of them are nothing but scumbags who have no morals, no character, no honor and no integrity. Too many people worship these overpaid spoiled brats and pay literally thousands of dollars each year to go and worship their idols. Every Sunday millions of Americans worship their idols in the stadiums, or on the idiot box. God has had enough of this false idol worship and is about to send a warning to the people of this nation. Most will not listen.

This thought of mine (it may be from the Lord, but for now I will say it is my thought) could well be the catastrophe that David Wilkerson prophesied several months ago that would shock the whole nation, including believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The loss of life would be huge. The fear that it would send across this nation would surpass that of 9/11/2001. The economic shock to this country would be great.

Let me be very clear about something. I am not condemning enjoying yourselves watching or participating in sports. I love flyfishing and am a rabid LSU Tiger fan and greatly enjoy watching my Tigers play whenever I can. I used to be a big Dallas Cowboys fan until God dealt with me about that in the 1980s, showing me how big an idol that professional sports had become in my life. Now I rarely watch any sports except for my Tigers. Sports had become an idol to me and God let me know that He was to be my only idol, I listened.

Sports have been raised up to the point of idol worship in the USA and God is going to send a very clear and strong warning shot regarding that. I urge you to pray about how important sports have become to you. Have your "heros" become your idols? Have they taken the place of God in your life? Would not your time be better spent in prayer, reading the Bible and spending quality time with your family? It is something you need to consider.