Friday, August 5, 2011

Done In Darkness

"That which is done in darkness shall be brought to light".

Most people associate that verse with evil deeds done in darkness which will, in God's timing, be brought to light - and this is one meaning of this verse. However, the Lord showed me another, positive meaning for this verse. Remember, it is God's word which He uses to accomplish what He pleases and purposes.

There are many of you who are fervent prayer warriors, your work is done in the darkness of your prayer closets and few ever know what you are doing. Few ever recognize you for the spiritual battles that you are doing in secret. Few ever know how much you have accomplished for others by your fervent prayers. Few ever see what you are doing. But God does.

In due time what you have accomplished in your prayer closets will be brought to light and your rewards in heaven will be great. The Lord Himself will greatly honor you for what you have done. So, my brothers and sisters, continue the mighty work you are now doing in secret, for one day your wonderful deeds will be brought to light. For those who fervently pray for me, I thank you very much.