Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Abomination to the Lord

In the news on June 23, 2010

High school seniors in Conn. city will not be graduating in the 'year of our Lord' this year, or any future years, after someone complained about religious reference

This is regarding teens' reading material:
Turning next to bookstores, they finally found what they'd been looking for — a recent explosion in the publishing world of reads that speak to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning teens

June is also, according to the Obamination, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Pride month.

Is it any wonder that God's judgment has already begun to be poured out upon this nation? How far we have fallen from our humble beginnings. The depths of our depravity as a nation has determined how far we will fall, how horrible that God's judgment upon this nation will be.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Catastrophe Upon Catastrophe

This will be a continuing thread as more and more catastrophes hit this nation. I'll be adding to it as events occur.

In my May 11 message, America's Burial, I said:  When we hear that the Lord's wrath will descend upon us and we will be destroyed "in one day", we think in human terms, while God thinks in His terms. "My ways are not your ways, and My thoughts are not your thoughts." "A day to the Lord is like a thousand years". In this case "in one day" means step-by-step over several years of our time, catastrophe after catastrophe after catastophe after catastrophe. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was the beginning, the floods in Nashville were another step, the tornadoes in Oklahoma another step. These steps of destruction will continue one after another after another after another. It is my opinion that they will continue unabated, without letup.

We've had the oil spill which began on April 20, which will continue to be a problem for some time to come and will cost many $ billions to contain and cleanup (if cleanup is even possible in the marshes of Louisiana).

 May 3 - there were the severe thunderstorms and the flood in Nashville which killed at least 30 people and caused over $1 billion in damage.

 May 10  - violent storms and tornadoes hit Oklahoma, killing at least five people and causing tremendous damage.

 June 5 -  seven people were killed and over $100 million in damages occured when violent tornadoes hit Ohio and Iowa.

June 9 - Deadly flash floods hit Central Texas killing at least one and causing extensive damage.

June 10 - 20 people die in flash floods in the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas.

June 13 - Flash floods hit Kansas City causing extensive damage

June 14 - One dead and widespread damage as record rainfall causes flash floods in Oklahoma City and its suburbs.

June 16 - Three people killed, dozens injured by tornadoes in Minnesota.

June 18 - One killed as severe storms hit Illinois and Michigan. Hundreds of thousands are without power. Windows are ripped off of 110-story Willis Tower in Chicago.

June 24 - 25 injured and major damage caused by severe storms and tornado in Bridgeport, Conn.

June 26 - Massive storms hit Charlotteville, VA causing serious damage and leaving over 400,000 people without electricity.

June 27 - 1 killed and 4 injured as deadly storm slams through Eastern Michigan campground.

June 30 - Hurricane Alex hits Texas/Mexico border with heavy rains and tornadoes, causing more oil to be thrown up on beaches of Gulf Coast.

July 10 - Two counties in Montana are declared disaster areas by federal government because of heavy rains and severe flooding that have occured beginning on June 15 and are still ongoing.

July 18 - 2 Killed and extensive damage in Kentucky due to heavy rains and flash floods.

July 20 - 1 killed and serious damage due to flash floods in Flagstaff, AZ.

July 25 - Millions of dollars in property damage as heavy rains cause a dam in Monticello, Iowa to break, flooding homes and businesses.

July 25 - 2 killed as severe storms hit D.C. Hundreds of thousands without power.
            - Ten counties in Chicago area decladed disaster areas after heavy rains and flooding.

July 26 - 2 killed by rare tornado in Montana.

July 29 - Over 40 homes destroyed by Southern California wildfires. Fires are still raging and new ones breaking out.

August 3 - 9 killed, two injured as crazed employee kills nine in warehouse in Connecticut.
              - 6 teenagers drowned in Red River in Louisiana.

August 12 - One killed as devastating floods hit Des Moines, Iowa.  

August 15 - 8 dead, 12 injured in California road race.    

August 19 - Hundreds sickened over several states by salmonella poisoning from eggs.

Sept. 7 - Hundreds of homes destroyed by wildfires around Boulder, Colo

Sept. 8 - Dozens of homes and structures in Detroit destroyed by wind-whipped fires.

Sept. 9 - 6 killed and hundreds of homes damaged in Texas and Oklahoma by flooding and tornadoes caused by tropical storm Hermine.

Sept. 10 - 7 dead and several injured after an explosion from a ruptured gas line rocked a neighborhood south of San Francisco, triggering a rush of flames that has devoured at least 53 homes.

Sept. 11 - 6 killed in Kentucky shooting. A gunman killed five people inside an eastern Kentucky mobile home Saturday before turning the weapon on himself.

Sept. 16 - 1 dead as severe storms sweep through New York City.

Sept. 20 - 1 dead as heavy rains cause extensive flooding and damage in Corpus Christi, TX

Sept. 24 - Extensive flood damage caused by heavy rains in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Sept. 25 - 1 killed, four wounded in shooting at party at Seton Hall University. 1 killed 10 wounded in shooting at house party in Los Angeles. Evil just keeps getting worse and worse.

Sept. 26 - In Zumbro Falls, Minn., flood waters destroyed 58 homes and 20 businesses, said NBC affiliate KARE-TV of Minneapolis.

Sept 30. - 6 die as heavy rains and flooding hit east coast.