Thursday, October 20, 2011


There was an article in the news today about a Christian schoolteacher in New Jersey who is being investigated by the school board because she posted on her Facebook page that she believes homosexuality is a sin. Naturally, all the homosexual, lesbian and transgender groups (I refuse to call them "gay" because there is nothing gay about their abominations), as well as the "politically correct" groups are criticizing her and condemning her because of her "hateful" views and claiming that she is not fit to teach children because of her thoughts on the subject. How far this nation has fallen. What a cesspool we have become.

But she is being persecuted by the public as opposed to by the churches. Many of the churches will cry out in indignation because this woman is being persecuted because of her religious beliefs, and well they should speak up in her defense. But these same churches will persecute many Christians in the near future when the true Christians speak up and tell the churches what cesspools they have become. The religious people will hate us when we tell them that they themselves have brought judgment upon the nation and upon themselves because they have turned away from the teachings of Christ and instead turned to the gospel of man. A gospel that teaches many nice stories about the Bible, that teaches the history of the Bible, the timeframe of the Bible, but ignores how God's word is a living word that He uses to accomplish that which He pleases and purposes. It is a living word that He uses to speak to us individually to instruct us, to guide us, to correct us, to give us hope, to help prepare us for what He is about to do. The Bible is not just about history lessons to be learned nor is it a dead word, but it is alive and living, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the bone and marrow. How many times have you been in a church where there was actually an anointing on the word being taught?

The churches also teach a gospel that lifts up mammon, telling us that we can have everything that our hearts desire. That God is a good God who just wants to bless us. That He is a loving Father who only wants to make us happy, just like Santa Claus. They don't teach about taking up our cross daily and carrying it. They don't teach about Paul's testimony that he was hungry, homeless, thirsty, in rags, poorly treated and in chains. They don't teach that the first thing God said about Paul was "I will show him how much he must suffer for the kingdom of Heaven". They don't teach about how Jesus said "He that does not give up everything he has cannot be My disciple".

├śr, like Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, the church that I wrote about in a previous message "Taking a Stand", May 20, 2010, who condemns anyone who thinks differently than he does when he judged Mitch Romney to not be a Christian because he is part of a "cult". He doesn't understand that he is not this man's judge. Micah 6:8 states "What does God require of you man other than that you love justice, do kindness and walk humbly before the Lord your God." Now I don't know if Mitch Romney loves justice, does kindness and walks humbly before the Lord, and I can assure you that Robert Jeffress doesn't either. But I certainly cannot say that Romney is not a Christian because the Lord has not shown me his heart or anything about him. God does not condemn Romney because he is a part of the Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints. God is concerned about Romney's heart. Robert Jeffress has made his heart known to all, and it is not good. There are many, many churches that believe that anyone different than them is going to hell. Do you think they will not persecute us when we speak the truth to them?

Then we have churches who are actively recruiting homosexuals and lesbians for not only membership, but also ordaining them into the ministry. Do you think they are not going to persecute us when we tell them in the years to come that they are part of the reason that God's wrath is being poured out upon this nation, because of their abominations?

What about 99% of the black churches who supported Obama simply because he was black, even though they knew that he was for abortion and for homosexuality? Do you think that they will not persecute us when we speak the truth to them about their foolishness when Obama surrenders this nation to the Russians before the end of his first and only term in office and they are once again forced into slavery? Do you think they will love us?

What about the "faith" churches who have been teaching their flocks lies about naming and claiming it, about believing it is their faith which causes things to happen, not God's power. Do you think they will not persecute us when we speak the truth to them while they are losing their wealth, their homes, their health, their jobs, their food? Do you think they will listen to us?

Just as Jesus and His apostles were persecuted by their own people, so also shall we be. Will God protect us during those times? Some He will, some He won't. Some will be put in prison, some sawn in two, some tortured - he that endures to the end will be saved.