Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Rapid Downward Spiral Continues

Since obama took office this nation has been in a very fast downward spiral, spiritually speaking. It is not slowing down at all, rather it keeps speeding up. The evil one in the White House lit up the most famous and most powerful house in the world with rainbow-colored floodlights to laud the Wicked Court's decision regarding same-sex unions.  Last year Frito-Lay came out with rainbow colored potato chips to "celebrate" the Sinful Supreme Court's decision to allow same sex marriages. Since then I have not, nor will I buy in the future, Frito-Lay chips

Every now and then I like to watch Wheel of Fortune  because it seemed like a wholesome, fun game. Last night I watched it for the last time, never again! The first contestant was a single woman who seemed normal enough. The second was a guy who seemed rather effeminate. The third was a woman who said she had six children which she and her "wonderful wife" were raising. Two lesbians raising what I assume were their adopted kids, teaching them to be as evil as they are. Matt. 18:6 - “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."   But this type of sinful behavior is thought of as "brave and courageous" these days.

The guy was the one who won the right to go to the bonus round and when they asked him who was in the audience with him he said his father, his husband and some other friend. He won the bonus round and his "husband" came up on stage and hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Here on this top-rated show the network deliberately put two same-sex couples on stage at the same time. This was not just a coincidence, it was planned. That is the last time I will watch this show. I don't watch any sitcoms or things like CSI, so I can't tell you how much filth is on them, but I'll bet it's substantial.

Last September after all the commotion that came from the Ferguson, Missouri shooting of the black guy who attacked the police officer, I had a 2' x 2' sign made for my front yard which read in big, bold blue letters "Support Our Police".  It stayed out in my front yard night and day until a few days ago when some evil punk stole it during the night. Our nation is turning against the officers who are there to protect them from criminals. Yes, I know that all the police are not good guys, but there are as many bad pastors as there are bad police, and the majority of our police are great people. I ask you to continue to pray for them because their jobs keep getting more and more dangerous every day.

This nation that once respected authority is rapidly turning against it. Why? Because the politicians and courts have told God He is not welcome in our police forces anymore, He is not welcome in the military, He is not welcome in the schools, He is not welcome in the movie theaters, He is not welcome in the government. As many of us also know, He is also not welcome in our churches anymore either.

How can anyone truly say "God Bless America" when we see how America has turned against God!!! What happened in the past when the Israelites turned away from God? He destroyed their nation and sold them into slavery. That is just what He is about to do to the USA.