Thursday, June 28, 2012

America Is Burning

There are currently 47 major wildfires spread through 15 states, most of them in the West. These are technically called "Large Incident" fires. The large majority of them are concentrated in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana - the area many of us call "God's Country". As I was pondering this yesterday I realized that God is burning His country. Yes, that is correct, God is burning His country. Amos 3:6 - “If calamity comes upon a city (or nation) is it not I, the Lord, who sent it?”

Why is He burning it? Last year was the worst year in history for wildfires and this year is already off to a monstrous start. Last June was the worst month in history for wildfires and this June is almost as bad. Why June specifically? June is Homosexual and Lesbian Pride Month. Obama calls it Gay Pride Month, but there is nothing gay about homosexuality or lesbianism - they are abominations to the Lord. We have become like Sodom and Gomorrah and our punishment will be the same.

As I was viewing the huge fire near Colorado Springs and saw what looked like whole mountains ablaze, I saw the wrath of God being poured out. I saw His anger like I have never seen it before, a huge wall of flame devouring everything in its path. This is the future of this wicked and perverse nation.

Prayers for President Bush

Last year the Lord showed me that He has chosen President George W. Bush to call this nation to repentance in the near future when God's wrath is being poured out upon this nation. The Lord had been putting upon my heart that He has more for President Bush to do and then He finally showed me what it was. Then the Lord had me write George and Laura a letter thanking them for their service to our nation and telling them that the Lord has called George to be His spokesman who will call this nation to repentance. I also told them that most people would not listen to him, but many would and he would be responsible for the salvation of many.

This will be a heavy responsibility for him and will cause most of the people in this wicked and perverse nation to hate him, maybe even cause attempts on his life. But I know his heart, the Lord has shown it very clearly to me, and I know he will follow the Lord's leading in this matter. He has a tender, caring and compassionate heart and it will take a lot of strength to do something like this. But I know that God is behind him and will support him in this endeavor.

This is not about politics, it is not about whether anyone agrees with every decision he made as President. It is about George W. Bush, a servant of the Lord. Please keep he and Laura in your prayers every day because he will need that spiritual support and strength.

Yes, he and Laura did read my letter last year and the Lord let me know a few weeks ago that they read it again recently. The second time they were stronger in the Lord and it meant more to them then, they had a deeper understanding of it. The Lord will bring this to pass in His way and His time, but please keep them in your fervent prayers.