Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

On September 1 last year I wrote a message titled "Continuing Catastrophes" on this blog. In it I stated that I believed a hurricane was going to hit this nation like the "fist of God". I thought it was going to happen within a few weeks of writing that message.

Soon after I wrote that message I was speaking to a dear brother-in-Christ who is one of God's hidden prayer warriors, along with his wife. He was telling me that sometimes God had them praying against storms and other "natural" catastrophes, and that sometimes the prayers of the faithful caused disasters to be diverted or lessened.

That was the case a few weeks later when an epic storm hit the sparsely populated coast of Alaska instead of the northwestern states of this nation which are heavily populated. I stated at that time that there may be another hurricane that would hit this nation in the near future and cause great destruction. That happened this week when Sandy hit the northeast coast and caused untold damage. Many were killed and it is estimated that the cost of Sandy will exceed $20 billion. It literally hit this nation like the "fist of God".

What I found interesting is that it hit one of the largest bastions of liberalism and evil in this nation - the Northeast. Do you think the people of that area will see it as God's judgment? Of course they won't. They think it was simply a "natural disaster" caused by "Mother Nature". They will not turn from their wicked and evil ways and repent. This is simply a taste of God's wrath for them, the worst is yet to come for that area of this nation.

While I was pondering all this, the thought came to me that the next area to be dealt with will be the West Coast. In "Continuing Catastrophes" I wrote: "Next I believe that major earthquakes will begin to shake this nation to its very core. The one that hit the east coast a few weeks ago was nothing compared to what is coming. God has had enough of the wickedness in the USA and nothing will stop His judgment upon this land."

I believe that we will soon see one or more major earthquakes strike the West Coast and probably other areas of this country. I also believe that there will be a sports stadium completely destroyed by one of these earthquakes and thousands upon thousands of people in that stadium will be killed. Judgment is upon the USA. God have mercy on His servants.