Thursday, October 22, 2015

Time To Prepare

For those whom the Lord leads to do so, it is time to begin physically preparing for the horrors that are about to come upon this wicked, evil and godless nation. As I have prophesied before, Obama will bow his cowardly knees in surrender to the Russians before he leaves office. Before that happens parts of this country will be devastated by disasters. Where those will be I know not, although I do know that Texas will be a safe place for awhile, as will the Blue Ridge Mountains and parts of Arizona.

If the Lord had not had mercy this would have happened before the end of Obama's first term in office. But God was compassionate and has given His people more time to prepare. The solar storms that were supposed to hit in 2012 actually did happen, but they were a week early and missed this planet. See my previous message "Vindicated" from 7/28/14 for more on this.

But there will be no more delay! The recent decision from the Supreme Court regarding the legalization of same-sex marriages as well as the evil one in the Oval Office lighting up the White House with rainbow colors celebrating that abominable decision sealed the USA's fate. No more mercy, no more delays. "It is time, saith the Lord God of Hosts".

Yesterday I read in the paper that some Methodists and Episcopal ministers held a rally in support of the slaughter of unborn babies. Does that tell you how low this nation has gone, how far along the path of evil? People say "God Bless America!" I ask "why"?

It is now time to begin storing up provisions for the coming days of wrath. How should you prepare? As the Lord leads each of you individually. This is not a time for panic, it is not a time for fear. But it is a time to earnestly seek the Lord on how He wants you to prepare. I remember that in 2009 David Wilkerson issued a dire warning of a cataclysmic event that would shake the faith of even devout Christians. He suggested that you have on hand a 30 day supply of provisions, as well as cash. I believe that would be a good idea.

I said in a previous message that I believed that a sports stadium would be destroyed because people have made sports their god and idol. It is my feeling that will happen very soon.

My dear brothers and sisters now is the time to truly devote yourselves to prayer, prayer and more prayer so that you will be prepared for what is soon to come.