Saturday, December 28, 2013

Civil War in the USA

Many have been talking about civil war coming to this nation, expecting it to be violent and bloody with many deaths. That may very well happen in the next few years, and I expect it to. But civil war has already begun in the USA and we didn't even realize it. It is not a violent and bloody war in the physical sense, but war nonetheless. It is a war of evil againist good, darkness against light.

Look at what has recently happened to the guy from Duck Dynasty because he said that the Bible teaches that homosexuals (I refuse to call them "gays" because there is nothing gay about the abomination of homosexuality) will not enter into the kingdom of Heaven. Now I don't watch tv and have never seen the show, but from what I've read recently it is about a Christian family of rednecks in Louisiana who close out almost every show in prayer over the dinner table. But since this guy spoke the truth he is being crucified in the news media. The same thing happened to the president of Chick-Fil-A last year. The news media hated George Bush because he spoke about how Jesus changed his life. They hated Sarah Palin because she was a Christian.

Any time that anyone dares to speak out against homosexuality they are called bigots, haters and intolerant. They lose their jobs, their businesses, their "friends". A bakery recently refused to cook a wedding cake for two homosexuals because it went against their religious beliefs. They were taken to court and found guilty of discrimination; they will probably close their business because of this. I have a dear brother-in-Christ who the Lord had me warn that the people in the firm he is working for are trying to set a trap for him because he is a servant of the Lord. True Christians in this nation are being attacked like never before, and it is only going to get worse.

Don't dare speak out against abortion because you will be persecuted because of it. Instead of calling it the slaughter of unborn babies, it is now called a "woman's right to chose" (to murder her unborn child).

The war has begun from tvs and movies, trying to (and succeeding) convince the population that illicit sex,homosexuality. pornography, drugs, vulgarity, profanity, adultery and violence are normal, natural and good things. Have you looked at the movie ratings lately? It is hard to find anything other than "R" rated movies. Even the "PG-13"" movies are filled with vulgarity, curse words and sex.

The war has already begun in our schools where Christian values are looked down upon and mocked. There are no more Christmas parties in schools, only Holiday parties. No more Christmas trees, only Holiday or Winter trees. Homosexuality is taught as an acceptable lifestyle in today's schools.

The war has begun in our military where witnessing about Jesus is not tolerated. Even chaplains are told not to discuss their faith with people they are counseling. Fourth grade children in Prosper, TX made Christmas cards for the bedridden veterans at the VA hospital in Dallas, but the VA refused them because they said "Merry Christmas".

The war has begun in our government where anything to do with Christianity is forbidden. Prayers before meetings are not allowed. When was the last time you heard a prayer before a sporting event? Even the antichrist in the Oval Office refused to participate in the National Day of Prayer.

The war has begun and it is a spiritual war, not a physical war. which, unfortunately, will be lost by the Christians in this country because few of them are repenting and turning from their wicked and evil ways. When an antichrist occupies the Oval Office as is now happening, nothing good will become of it. We were told by Jesus that we would be persecuted, and that has been happening all over the world for centuries, except here in this nation. But that has now changed and God's people in the USA will see even greater persecution even unto death in the next few years. He that endures to the end will be saved.