Thursday, August 11, 2011

There Will Be No Recovery

In June I posted a message about coming out of the eye of the storm. Now, two months later, we are seeing how the winds are coming from the opposite direction and how they are beginning to destroy our nation. We are so far in debt that it will be impossible to get out and all our fool-in-chief wants to do is tax and spend, tax and spend, tax and spend - we will not recover from this.

The severe drought has spread to many states and that is going to raise the cost of food, gasoline (ethanol is mixed in gasoline and it is made from corn), clothing (which is made from cotton - much of our cotton crop will fail this year), water (because the reservoirs are drying up), and many other items. Inflation is beginning to rise and will continue to do so until we reach a state of hyperinflation.

Consumer confidence is low and people are not buying as much because they are worried about money and their jobs. Since they are not buying as much as they used to the supply side of the market is not producing as much - fewer jobs are created. Unemployment is "officially" at 9.1%, but that doesn't include the millions who have dropped completely out of the job market because they couldn't find jobs.

The people of this nation continue to believe in an imaginary money tree, thinking that the good times and the "free entitlements" will never end - how badly mistaken they are. When 48% of the people pay not one cent in federal income taxes yet demand more in the way of "entitlements" and services, demanding that "the rich" pay more in taxes, this nation has truly lost its way. We are headed for great civil unrest when there is no more money for "entitlements" because the country has gone bankrupt. Our liar-in-chief and his cronies are doing everything they can to promote class hatred and class warfare.

These days are not somewhere in the future, they have already begun and will only get worse. God has declared that His judgment will destroy this once-great nation, and it will. We are only beginning to see how this country will financially collapse because of the fiscal irresponsibility of our government that has been building for many, many years. Also, we are just beginning to see the great, God-caused, "natural" catastrophes that will be a big part of the destruction of this country - and they will only get worse.

This was a very, very difficult message for me to write, I did not want to do it. My heart is very heavy and there is great sadness within me. But I know that God put it upon my heart so I have no choice but to write it. I wish I could say "God bless America", but I can't - we have too far gone down the path of unrighteousness.