Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Still In The Eye of the Storm

In August, 2009 I posted a message "In the Eye of the Storm", part of which is reprinted below. As we all know, the economy is still stagnant, unemployment is still high, and banks are still failing at record rates - 140 in 2009, 129 already this year. My brothers and sisters, God has been giving us time to mentally and spiritually get ready for hyperinflation and then the collapse of the American economy. Some of the fortunate ones the Lord is giving the financial resources to prepare for this. Others will have to rely on the Lord for provision. My guess is that hyperinflation will begin late next year and the collapse of the economy in early 2012, but that is only a guess. Only the Lord knows exactly when it will happen. This is a time given to us to spend in the Bible, in prayer and, for those who are able to, in fasting to get ready for what is about to befall this nation. Please make good use of this time we have been given. Lord, please prepare us for what is ahead.

Below is an excerpt from my message last year.

The Eye of the Storm
August 14, 2009

Right now we are in the rather calm eye of the storm. But the worst damage comes after the eye passes and the winds come from the other direction. The first winds of this storm weakened the economic structure in this country, but they didn't destroy it. At this date, there is a relative calm in the economy of this country - it seems to have stabilized and the stock market has rallied. Our politicians and newspapers are declaring that the recession is over and there will be good times ahead. DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

This is just the calm in the eye of the storm. The winds are about to hit us from another direction and they will completely destroy the economy of this country. It is coming very, very quickly. Be prepared to live on virtually nothing. Be prepared to live without many of the conveniences you have today. Be prepared for exorbitant price increases on everything from food, to electricity, to gasoline, to clothes, to just about anything you buy. Hyperinflation is coming very, very quickly.

You must learn to do with much less than you have today. Energy prices will skyrocket to unbelievable levels and many of you will not be able to afford to air-condition or heat your homes. Gasoline prices will be higher than anyone could ever have predicted, be prepared to drive only for essential errands. Food prices will skyrocket and you will be able to afford only the basic necessities. Salaries WILL NOT rise accordingly. Cut back on your expenses and save as much money as you can.