Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ladies, please dress modestly

Paul admonished the women in his day to dress modestly and I admonish the women of this day to also dress modestly. I swim at a public pool several days a week and am shocked at how so many women and girls wear as little as possible in order to show off as much as possible. Their bathing suits leave very little to the imagination. They dress to show as much of their bodies as possible but don't want to be thought of as sex objects. How absurd! Mothers are teaching their daughters at an early age to dress as sexy as possible at the pool or beach. "Oh, but that bikini is so cute!", is what they say. What they are thinking is "Gee, how sexy I'm (or the daughter is) going to look in that!" How do you think God thinks about you when you wear something like that? He does see you, you know.

Women's clothes today are designed to be as tight as possible to show off every curve of their bodies. The slacks, blouses and dresses are designed to show off as much as possible. Sure, we men enjoy looking at you when you are dressed like that. But the thoughts that come to our minds are not necessarily very pure. How do you think God feels about you showing off as much of your bodies as you can and trying to be as sexy as you can? He is the one you will have to answer to.

So please ladies, dress modestly.