Wednesday, September 21, 2011


For at least a year people have been sending me information on Elenin, the asteroid that is no bigger than a school bus that is supposed to cause all sorts of terrible things to happen in a few weeks once it is aligned with certain planets. My brothers and sisters, this is all utter nonsense, just like the Y2K scare eleven years ago. You can find charts all over the internet "proving" that Elenin, which will not even come near our moon, much less our planet, is going to wreak every kind of havoc imaginable on our planet. Supposedly the U.S. government knows all about it and is involved in a secret conspiracy to hide all this information from becoming public. AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!! I can't stand any more of this foolishness!!

Elenin, Planet X, Niburu and all the other "secret" planetary blobs are not going to cause anything to happen to this planet. Anyone can get on You Tube and claim anything they want to and people will believe them. Remember the swine flu virus that was going to kill millions because the Illuminati and the New World Order wanted to destroy one-third of the world's population? Did it happen? No. Remember the swine flu shots were supposed to contain nanobots that would be injected into your bloodstream and enable the government to control your mind as well as track you everywhere you went and listen in on all your conversations? Remember the death trains that were supposed to carry you to the "secret" FEMA death camps where the U.S. government had secretly stored millions of guillotines that they were going to use to behead you? There was even a woman on You Tube dressed up in Army fatigues who claimed that the Army was secretly training troops to arrest those who refused the swine flu shots and force them onto the "death trains". Remember that jackass. Vincent Xavier, who claimed that God revealed to him that a nuclear bomb would be set off in Washington, D.C. last October but wouldn't be realized until November - and people were gullible enough to believe that kind of idiocy!

Enough of this foolishness! Enough of this nonsense! It's time most of you stayed off your computers 99% of the time and used your time for something worthwhile like prayer, reading the bible, reaching out to those who are hurting and in need, ministering to the lost, etc. Stay off of those stupid, supposedly "Christian" forums which are filled with nothing but absolute nonsense. I haven't found even one of those forums that I would want to participate in, not one. Instead of looking for answers on those abominable forums, look to your bibles for answers. All you are doing on those sites is wasting your time, and I am dead serious about that.

Please do not send me any more information on Elenin, Planet X, Niburu, the Illuminati, the New World Order or any of that stuff. It is all utter foolishness. If you want to believe it then that is your business. But I know that none of it has any validity at all.