Friday, July 29, 2016

The Demise of Morality

It comes as no surprise to any Christian that morality has been on a sharp decline in the USA for some years now. However, recently it has gone straight down the tubes with the Democratic Party leading the way with no upturn possible. The Democratic Party is the party for the slaughter of unborn babies, the abominations of homosexuality and same-sex marriage, the praising of homosexuals "coming out", the lauding of the abominations of so-called "transexuality" (calling them "brave and courageous"), the disrespect and hatred of our police forces, the approval of those who argue with and become combative with police, calling them "innocent victims of police oppression", and even going so far as to have the mothers of these so-called "victims" up on stage at the DNC convention yesterday. They are the party that believes that people shouldn't have to work if they don't want to because the government should take care of them. They are the party that believes in rewarding women for the illegitimate children they have. They are the party that believes that everyone should have access to food stamps and welfare. They are the party that believes in taking from the hard working taxpayers of this nation and giving to those who won't work and are irresponsible. They are the party that elected the evil obama and want to see wicked hillary as president.

They are the party of the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement that is bringing not just race war but civil war to this nation. They are the party of the Political Correctness evil that has engulfed this once proud and moral country. They are the party that wants wickedness and evil to progress even further in this godless nation. They are the party that kicked God out of our military, out of our schools, out of our justice system,  out of out police forces and out of out government. They are the party of their father satan.

What they are not the party of is holiness and purity, morals and character, honor and integrity. They are not the party that believes in honoring the Lord or His word. They are not the party that believes that he that doesn't work doesn't eat. They are not the party that believes that abortion is the slaughter of unborn babies, rather they believe that it is a "woman's right to choose" to murder her unborn child. They believe that homosexuality is an "alternative lifestyle" and is to be praised and taught in schools, as is same-sex marriage - not the abomination that God sees it as. They are the party whose President lit up the White House in rainbow colors to "honor" the Supreme Court's disgusting decision to legalize same-sex marriage. They don't believe in creation, rather they believe we evolved from lesser forms of life.They are the party that has destroyed our nation.

How anyone who calls themself a Christian can vote Democratic is beyond me since their whole party is immoral because of the wicked causes they support. No, I don't believe the Republican Party is so much better, but they have much higher morals than the Democrats and, to some extent, want God's word and His laws honored and obeyed. 

 Am I suggesting that people vote for the Republican nominees this year? No. There will be no new President because obama will be our last President. I do not believe that there will even be an election this year or any other year. Before he leaves office obama will surrender this nation to the Russians. I also believe that we will see civil war in this nation shortly. We have seen the beginning of it with the Black Lives Matter movement.

God's judgment began to be poured out upon this nation in the massacre of all the homosexuals in Orlando recently. Just like He destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah did He also just begin His destruction of the USA beginning in Orlando. Did this nation even begin to repent because of that? Of course not, it just became more depraved and more evil.

Now the evil ones are beginning to slaughter our police, the very people who protect them. It is only going to get worse, much, much worse.

My brothers and sisters you need to be in deep, deep prayer in order for the Lord to lead you and guide you through the perilous times that are upon our nation. Quit listening to those religious  fools on the so-called "Christian" television and radio programs, they have no idea what is about to happen. They will lead you astray. Quit listening to those false prophets who are prophesying that God is going to perform great and mighty miracles in this nation and turn it back to God. Quit listening to those who are saying that we will have a great revival in the USA, we will not have one. Pray and read your bibles, let the Holy Spirit be your teacher and guide.