Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Warning Shot

Recently I posted an article on my blog entitled "Sports Stadium Destroyed?". In that message I wrote:

"We all know how Americans LOVE their sports. Their idols are sports "heros" who perform their "miracles" in stadiums (football, baseball, soccer, basketball, etc). Much of the time when men get together they talk about sports and how their "heros" are doing. These "heros" have become their idols, even though so many of them are nothing but scumbags who have no morals, no character, no honor and no integrity. Too many people worship these overpaid spoiled brats and pay literally thousands of dollars each year to go and worship their idols. Every Sunday millions of Americans worship their idols in the stadiums, or on the idiot box. God has had enough of this false idol worship and is about to send a warning to the people of this nation. Most will not listen."

God fired His warning shot recently when one of the biggest names in sports was humilated and forced to leave the game. Tiger Woods was recently named Sportsman of the Decade. He was an idol to millions of Americans. He made hundreds of millions in product endorsements and was a billionaire. In a matter of a few days God destroyed him. His wife and children left him, the companies that paid him millions to advertise their products have rejected him, and Woods has left the game of golf for the foreseeable future.

This man whom so many looked up to as almost a god, has proven to be quite human - a man with no morals and no character, no honor and no integrity, just like the US President.

Woods is the first of many of man's idols who God is going to destroy in the next year or two. I believe that Oprah Winfrey will be brought down in short order. But Tiger Woods was God's warning to those who have made sports stars their idols and gods. "I will have no false gods before Me". Repent and change your ways or great disaster will quickly overtake you.

Jer 2:5 - This is what the LORD says:
"What fault did your fathers find in me,
that they strayed so far from me?
They followed worthless idols
and became worthless themselves.

Jer 2:11 - Has a nation ever changed its gods?
(Yet they are not gods at all.)
But my people have exchanged their Glory
for worthless idols.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Your Ark and the Coming Flood

For years now many of you have been ark-building and you didn't even know it. What you thought was a horrible way that God had forced you to live - i.e. giving up your jobs, your homes, your precious possessions - was actually a building process. You were building your arks of faith and trust in the Lord while most, if not all, of your friends, family and other Christians didn't understand, laughed at you, thought you were crazy and told you that you were not hearing from the Lord. They judged you, condemned you and ridiculed you, just as they did to Noah when he was building his boat.

The process has not been easy. Instead, it has been very, very painful and very, very lonely. It has cost many of you, including myself, literally everything. Your lives, and mine, have been turned upside down. Everything that used to be normal is now abnormal. Everything that used to be abnormal is now normal. You, and I, long for some semblance of normality in our lives again because what we have had to go through has been absolutely horrendous - terribly, terribly painful. It has been the worst nightmare that we could have ever dreamed.

But we have been building our arks of faith all this time. The Lord has taught us to trust Him in every way, for everything. But trusting Him to provide for us has been many times met with bitter disappointment after bitter disappointment after bitter disappointment. Many time we wanted to give up, but God would not let us. But we are still alive and our faith is now much stronger than it ever was before. Our arks of faith are just about finished and God is getting ready to tell us to enter our arks.

These arks of faith are what we will enter when His judgment is poured out upon this nation, very, very soon. We have learned how to listen to Him, how to hear Him and how to obey Him. When He says to pack up and move, we will pack up and move, not always knowing where we will be moving to. When He says to go here, we will go here. When He says to go there, we will go there. We will be like Abraham, moving from place to place, from refuge to refuge. Some He will settle down in one place, others He will keep moving from place to place. But we will continually be in our arks of faith. We will move upon the floodwaters of evil and catastrophic judgment that will be unleashed upon this nation, but we will be at peace and we will experience God's supernatural protection and provision.

Wherever He tells us to go, they will be places where we will minister to others who have not been prepared as we have. The fearful we will lead to peace. The wounded and hurting we will comfort and heal. The trembling hearts we will still. The blind (to what is happening, and why) we will help see the truth. The captives (to the lies and false doctrines of today's churches) we will set free.

Others God has been instructing to build physical arks, places of refuge and safety. These will be places where you can be self-sufficient during the traumatic times that are coming. Places that you and your families, as well as others can survive during the coming years. It is now time to begin loading these arks with provisions - food, clothing, blankets, water purification tablets, candles, propane stoves, medical supplies, toiletries, etc., whatever the Lord puts upon your heart to store. THAT IS THE KEY for all of you, whatever THE LORD tells you personally to do. If you don't know how to plant a garden and grow vegetables and fruits, now is the time to learn - it is also the time to begin storing up seeds for planting during those times. If you can now plant fruit trees in these places of refuge, I urge you to do so.

The reason I say that it is now time to begin loading your arks is because when hyperinflation hits this country (and I suspect that it will happen in the latter part of next year), the prices of everything will skyrocket. It will cost much less if you can begin to purchase the items you will need beginning now, little by little. But before you do anything, PRAY, PRAY and PRAY some more. Make sure that it is the Lord who is telling you, individually to do this. Do not do it simply because I think it's time, do it because you have prayed about it and received the Lord's direction on it.

Do not expect to spend just a few weeks or months in these places of refuge. Expect to spend several years in them. What is coming upon this nation will not be over with quickly, it will be several years before the danger has passed. You must be strong, patient and have great endurance. Only prayer and fasting will give you the strength needed. Please understand this - we are not talking about a short time in these "arks", we are talking about several years. This is a strong warning not to take this lightly, but to prepare for a long seige. Life in this country will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

There are others, like myself, whom the Lord has not had make any physical plans for the future. Our preparations have all been spiritual, knowing that we will have to trust Him to lead and guide us when the time comes. To each as the Lord leads him or her. What we ALL need to do now is to load ourselves up with PRAYER. That is the best preparation we can have.

When will you enter your arks? For many it will be when Mt. Rushmore collapses - this will be the sign of immediate judgment coming. I believe the solar storms will happen immediately after Mt. Rushmore falls. Life for many will become exceedingly difficult then. For many others the Lord will have wait until a later time to enter their arks. How will you know? By prayer, prayer, prayer and more prayer. You must begin to fill your arks with much prayer between now and then, so you will know when it is God's time for you personally to enter your ark. DO NOT LOOK TO MAN TO TELL YOU WHEN IT IS TIME.If you do, you will be badly misled. You must develop a very, very close and personal relationship with the Lord now so that you will be able to hear clearly from Him - you do this through prayer, fasting and reading the Bible.

What it is definitely NOT TIME TO DO is become fearful and frantic. That is not of the Lord, it is of the evil one. Many of you spend hours each day going from one Christian website to another, one religious forum to another, looking for man to tell you what to do, looking for something to be excited about. Many of you do the same thing looking to find something to panic about. What has happened is that you have been misled by supposed "prophets" who have caused you to be fearful every day. You listened to all the lies about the swine flu and how there would be computer chips in each flu shot which would allow the government to track and control you. Or the lies about the irremovable stainless steel bracelets you would be forced to wear once you got the flu shot, giving the government the ability to track you and control your mind. Or the lies about the FEMA camps that you would be sent to if you refused the shots. Or the lies about how when Obama declared a state of emergency regarding the flu shots (it was done to protect the clinics from medical malpractice lawsuits, so that they could quickly give the shots to anyone without needing to follow the normal governmental guidelines in this matter) that this was the beginning of you losing your freedom and the first step to Obama declaring martial law. Or the lies about how the borders would be closed and martial law being declared. You listened to the lies about how Washington, D.C. would be destroyed by a nuclear bomb on Nov. 10 (Vincent Xavier's first "prophecy" about this was that it would happen in October, but not be realized until November. That should have immediately shown you that he was a fraud because it made no sense whatsoever). Or the lies about Obama was going to be assassinated. Or the lies about the banking holiday that would happen this year, and how you wouldn't be able to get your money out of them. Or the many other lies out there on the internet.

Little children, it is time to quit spending all your time on the internet looking for things to get excited or fearful about, and spend that time in prayer so the Lord can tell you what is coming. You would rather spend your time on the internet listening to what man has to say, because that is more exciting than spending time with the Lord in prayer. If you want to know what is about to happen, then seek the Lord while He may be found. You need wisdom and discernment, because few of you have any. Wisdom and discernment are given by the Holy Spirit after many, many, many hours spent in prayer and reading the Bible. You pay a price for them. That price is giving up the desires of the flesh and seeking the things of the Spirit. Few of you are willing to pay that price.

God is giving us warnings of what is to come in the next few years, and He is giving us plenty of time to prepare for it. The first step in that preparation is much prayer. If you do not resolve to begin spending your time in prayer, you will be in great turmoil in the very near future.