Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Nation of Gluttons

God richly blessed this nation with every blessing under the sun - and we've become a nation of gluttons who have gorged ourselves on every blessing God gave us and many things that God did not give us but rather things that we created ourselves. Over 50% of the people in the USA are overweight, over 30% of them classified as obese or morbidly obese. We have gorged ourselves on the bountiful food supply that the Lord had given us. We have gorged ourselves on every type of alcohol that you can imagine (alcohol in itself is not bad, but the overuse of it is). We have gorged ourselves on illegal drugs: marijuana, cocaine, speed, heroin, etc. This nation uses more illegal drugs than any other nation. We have gorged ourselves on sex. There is more illicit sex now between unmarried people than there has ever been in this nation. There are more pregnancies among unmarried females that there ever have been. There are more murders of unborn children than there ever have been.

We have gorged ourselves on pornography. We have gorged ourselves on clothes. We have gorged ourselves on material possessions. We have gorged ourselves on our own pleasures, whether these be TV, sports, electronic games, movies, etc. We have gorged ourselves on false religious "feel good" doctrines. We have gorged ourselves on more perversions than any other nation. We are a nation of gluttons, a nation out of control by choice.

George Will recently wrote that "American life resembles a giant all-you-can-eat buffet offering calories, credits and intoxicants and other invitations to excess. Americans accept these invitations so promiscuously that bad decisions about smoking, eating and other behaviors account for almost half of US deaths in our losing war with ourselves".

God is sick of it and is very quickly going to put an end to it. Prepare yourselves now to do without most of what we consider to be the "essentials" of life, they are about to come to an end.

In Tom Clancy's latest fiction novel "Dead Or Alive", he says about a mythical President (even though he did not know he was speaking prophetically) "So what happens when a weak man of flawed character is faced with a cascade of catastrophes? He crumbles of course, and with him the nation". So also will Obama, a weak man of flawed character, crumble when God's wrath is poured out upon this nation shortly.

I believe that the catastrophes have already begun with the many deaths caused by the weather and by things like the recent shootings in Tuscon. In June I started a thread which was titled "Catastrophe After Catastrophe". For several months I listed the things that were happening in our nation. Those were just the very beginning. What happened in Tuscon recently, the shooting deaths of six people, was the acceleration of the catastrophes - they will not slow down, only get worse.

God will not protect all His people in the coming years. Many will die during the catastrophes that will be unleashed upon this country. Think very seriously about that - are you ready to meet your Maker? Is your heart ready? Is your lamp lit? I implore you my brothers and sisters to spend as much time as you can in prayer, fasting and reading the Bible. The day of darkness is at hand.