Friday, April 2, 2010

Thank You!

This is not a prophetic message from the Lord, it is a personal message from my heart. I just want to thank all of you who have sent words of support and encouragement since I began this blog last year. Many of those messages have touched my heart very deeply, especiallly the ones in which people tell me how the Lord led them to this site and how it has changed their lives, how it has challenged them to get closer to the Lord and begin to prepare for the horrors that God is about to unleash upon this nation. I have also been touched by the number of people who have asked to be included on my mailing list for the blog.

When the Lord had me begin this blog in March of last year with the prophetic message "The Destruction of the USA", I had no idea how people would be led to the site to read it. The Lord had me post it on a number of so-called "Christian  forums" where the responses were unbelieveably negative and hostile. But I guess that enough people saw it and believed in the message, that they began to follow my blog and to send it to their friends. I have no idea how many people actually follow it now, but I have received responses from people literally all over the world. 98% of those responses are positive, are encouraging, are supportive and are confirming. I never in my wildest dreams expected anything like this. It has truly been humbling and heart-warming to know that the Lord has used this site to reach so many people so that they can draw closer to Him and prepare for what is coming very, very quickly upon this nation.

A prophet doesn't need people confirming the words the Lord gives him to speak - we speak them out of obedience to the Lord, regardless of the consequences. We expect opposition and attacks because most people won't listen. But it is comforting, encouraging and uplifting to hear from so many of you who tell me that the Lord has been speaking to you about the very things I've written about on my blog. It is nice to hear confirming voices. Thank you all!