Friday, September 17, 2010

A Prayer For Judgment

Lord, You have warned the people of this nation over and over for years now, but few have listened. This nation and its people are like Sodom and Gomorrah. They are like the people in the time of Noah - drinking, partying, sinning in the most detestable ways, parading their sins in the streets. They are actually proud of their abominations. They think nothing of the millions of unborn children they have murdered. They think nothing of their abomination of homosexuality, instead wanting it to be viewed as an acceptable lifestyle. They think nothing of violating their marital vows. They think nothing of cheating others, stealing from others, murdering others. They worship their proud and arrogant President, they worship their money, they worship their TVs, their worship drugs such as cocaine, they worship all their possessions, they worship their sports stars. They worship everyone but you, Lord. They call good evil, and evil good. This is a wicked and perverse generation.

Enough Lord, enough! I pray that you will now pour out not only your judgment, but also your wrath upon this wicked and ungodly nation. They have thrown You out of this nation, so I pray that You will throw them out of this nation. I pray for catastrophe upon catastrophe to be poured out upon this evil land. I pray that you will have no mercy upon them. I pray that you will unleash horror upon horror on this people until they literally bow their knees in surrender to you.

Lord, Your prophets have cried out to this people, warning them time after time after time. They have not listened, they will not listen. Instead they get worse and worse. I pray that you will now fulfill that which your servants the prophets have spoken about what You are going to do to this land for its wickedness. I pray that you will vindicate your watchmen who the people have rejected. Men and women like John Johnston -, Daniel Eggers -, Jan Meador -, Debbie Rennier -, and others who have been your faithful watchmen. Vindicate them, O Lord! Show the world that they truly have been your faithful servants and that they have spoken what you have told them to speak. Vindicate them, oh Lord! Vindicate them!

Lord I do not pray for mercy for the people of this land, except for those who truly have a heart for You. I pray that You will watch over these and protect them. That You will guide them to places of refuge during the catastrophic years ahead. I pray that Your Spirit will be poured out upon them so that many will truly see Your love reflected in them. I pray for mercy for those who have been misled by their pastors and teachers. I pray that you will lead them to the ones who will remove the blinders from their eyes, who will teach them the true gospel, who will deliver them from the false doctrines that they have been taught, who will help to heal their wounded souls and hearts, who will deliver them from the forces of darkness,and who, more than anything else, will love them.

For You have raised up Your holy remnant for just this time, Oh Lord. You have raised us up to minister to the hurting, the fearful, the trembling, the wounded, the rejected and the lost during this time. Now I pray that You will release us to do Your work.

Let the words your prophets have spoken now be fulfilled.