Friday, January 20, 2012

Costa Concordia

That is the name of the cruise liner that hit the rocks and sunk on the coast of Italy recently. One of my readers brought to my attention yesterday that the decks on the ship are named after European countries. That reminded me of what David Wilkerson had prophesied several years ago about a European nation going bankrupt and that would cause economic collapses in many other European countries, and the United States as well.

The Costa Concordia was built in Italy and hit the rocks and sank on the shoreline of Italy. I believe the spiritual meaning of this is that Italy will be the first nation to "hit the rocks" and go under financially, and then the rest of Europe will follow shortly thereafter. The economic collapse of the USA will not be far behind. For those with stock market investments I suggest that if you hear that Italy's economy has collapsed that you should immediately sell your stocks because the economic collapse of this nation will not be far off. As soon as Italy's economy collapses the stock market will tank and will not recover. It will all be a fast downhill slide from then on.

Like the cruise liner, the nations have been cruising along into a financial abyss, unwilling to make the hard decisions and sacrifices necessary to bring their countries back to economic stability. They have just been having a great time, like those on the cruise ships, ignoring the stark realities of their failing economies. The United States is no different, spending money like there will be no tomorrow. It will come to an end shortly.

Yes, I believe that this message is a warning from the Lord to help you to be ready for what is coming.