Friday, February 12, 2010

Major Earthquakes Coming to USA

For several months I have been reading prophetic words about a major earthquake which was going to hit along the New Madrid Faultline, with Chicago being destroyed along with other cities. I read these things but don't post about them until I know that these prophecies are from the Lord. There is now no question in my mind that there are a series of major earthquakes coming that will literally shake this nation, physically and emotionally. They will be catastrophic! They will kill millions and the destruction will be indescribable. The quake in Haiti will seem like a minor tremor compared to what is about to happen here in this country. The earth is literally going to open up and swallow people into itself.

In the past few months we have seen earthquakes in Haiti, Baja California, many minor tremors in Yellowstone Park and Oklahoma, even one in Texas, just south of Dallas. And two days ago there was a 4.3 quake near Chicago. These are harbingers of what is to come, and they are coming quickly. Even now as I write this I feel a quaking in my spirit, almost like I can literally feel a quake happening here in Dallas right now.

I believe that the quakes will have something to do with this nation's actions against Israel. We know that the Obamination is against Israel, regardless of what he may say in public. Something is coming that will cause the Obamination to strongly condemn or even break ties with Israel. It may have something to do with splitting Jerusalem between the Israelites and the Palestinians. The Lord says to you Barak Obama "Keep your hands off my Holy City!"

Obama has been humiliated recently with the gubernatorinal posts in two states going to Republicans and the Senator's race in Massachusetts won by a Republican. His healthcare plan is now in great jeopardy. The polls show him losing strength. He needs to do something to regain his pride and his political power. That thing may be a move to try and get Israel to divide the Holy City. It will result in the USA being split in two by earthquakes.

He is the most conceited, egotistical, self-centered, arrogant, condescending and patronizing man ever to occupy the Oval Office. And he is also half-black. God is going to use our proud, arrogant half-black President to surrender this nation to the Russians when they hit us with nuclear bombs, probably in 2012. He will bow his knees in surrender to them, his humiliation will be complete. We didn't go to Africa and capture the Africans, but we most certainly did use them as slaves here in this country. So God, in His own ironic way, will use our first half-black President to cede this country into slavery. And make no doubt about it, our citizens will be slaves, many will be sent overseas to work as slaves in other nations. God's judgment upon this nation will be worse than anyone can imagine.

The only hope you can personally have is in the Lord. I keep repeating this over and over and over - now is the time to turn off the idiot boxes and turn to the Lord. You need to develop a very close, personal relationship with Him so that He can lead you to safety during the horrible times that are coming.

This morning I received this e-mail:
"I have read your blog with trembling. I have recently sat under ‘name it and claim it’ theology, and I have spent a lifetime ignoring the reality of God’s judgment. I want to mock your words and just cast them aside, but I am unable to do that. I am trembling. I have been led to your site and the revelation therein is truly life changing. Your instruction to lay everything aside and start reading the Bible has been on my heart for some time. I have not been obedient in that. I am grateful that God led me to this site and reaffirmed this critical truth to me yet again.God bless you".

I sat at my computer with tears in my eyes because I was so touched by this e-mail. To know that the Lord had removed the scales from someone's eyes and shown them the truth through what He instructed me to write, is one of the greatest rewards I have ever received. I pray that He will use this blogsite to bring many more to the truth and to prepare them for the horrors that He is about to unleash on this ungodly nation. God have mercy on His servants.


  1. Cliff, Obama is there because God put Him there. His prophecies will be fulfilled regardless of what race the president is. The whole world is going to face the judgments of God. He is no respector of persons.

    The Lord has also given me words of knowledge and dreams about the coming destruction to this country. He told me to "Prophesy and say disaster and destruction are coming". Also my wife who is a prophet dreamed last night of a great tsunami hitting California. The word she was given was, "Great destruction happened in California." She also saw other cities destroyed as well, and we live in Northern IL. about an hour away from downtown Chicago. We are praying and crying out to God daily!!! He told me that He will protect us, and I know that He will protect all His children from this coming disaster. May God bless you and keep you.

  2. The reason Obama's race (it is not necessarily his color, but that he is from Africa) is important is that he is from Africa. Africa is the nation from which we received, bought and used slaves. It will be God's way to use a man from Africa to surrender this nation into slavery.

    Yes Tyronne, God did place Obama as President of our country so that He could use such a wicked, evil, narcissistic, egotistical, proud, arrogant, condescending and patronizing man to completely ruin this nation. This nation has become just like Obama - proud, self-centered, egotistical. condescending and patronizing. Those are some of the reasons that God is going to destroy this nation.

    Your wife is absolutely correct about tsunamis hitting the West coast. They are going to hit all three coasts in the future. I don't know God's timing, but I know she is correct.

    The Lord WILL LEAD YOU AND YOUR WIFE TO SAFETY. When it is time to leave where you are, you will know. Thanks for your insightful comments, my brother.

  3. "God is going to use our proud, arrogant half-black President to surrender this nation to the Russians when they hit us with nuclear bombs, probably in 2012"

    If you believe (your personal opinion?) huge earthquakes are coming to the the USA this year, then why do you think Russians and Chinese would wait until 2012? Wouldn't they strike when our infrastructure, resources, and organization are stressed?

  4. I didn't say that the earthquakes were coming this year. Even if they did, the USA would not lose its communications and satelite abilities as it will when the solar storms hit.