Sunday, September 19, 2010

Desires of the Flesh

Last week the Lord had me begin conserving water. I like to take long showers and I shave in the shower. But now I wash my hair and face, then turn the water off while I wash the rest of my body. Then I turn the water on to rinse off, then turn if off. Then I shave, without the water running, then turn it on to rinse off. When I am washing dishes I am learning how to do it with the least amount of water. Yes, I am even learning how to use the toilet (urinating) several times before I flush it.

Then He started having me conserve electricity. I am 64, 65 in November (UGH!), and I like a lot of light in the house because the older I get, the more light I need to see. Yet, I found out that I really don't need lights on in each room, and that there are several things I can do without turning on the lights in other rooms of the house.

A dear friend of mine asked me why the Lord was having me do these things. I replied without thinking "As an example to others." I thought afterwards "That's nice God, but who is going to see me doing this?" He didn't reply.

Then (yes, all this happened last week), He had me begin a fruit-only fast, for how long I do not know. Except He let me eat normally this weekend. Today I had actually planned on having only fruit, but as I was driving down the road I was drawn to a Fuddrucker's restaurant. Now, I know that the newspaper said that Five Guys Burger Restaurant has the best burgers, but as far as I'm concerned Fuddrucker's burgers can't be beat! As I went in the front door there were several people standing in line in front of me - all of them were obese. I looked around the restaurant and most of the people in there were obese. As I sat eating my world's best hamburger I kept thinking "How are these people going to survive in a few years when there is going to be just barely enough food to survive on, sometimes not even that?"

My sisters and brothers, in just a few short years - less than five, there is going to be a great famine in this land. There will not be enough food to feed everyone. The pictures we've seen of the poor, starving people in Africa are going to be a reality in this country. Those of you who are overweight will have an extremely difficult time surviving. Do you think that in the places of refuge that there will be an abundance of food? There WILL NOT BE! There will be enough to survive on, but that will be all. If you think that others will give up their portion because you're still hungry after you've had your share, you are badly mistaken.

In addition to that, everyone in these places of refuge will be required to work, manual labor of some sort or other. Overweight people will receive no mercy because of their problem. It will be either work and eat, or not work and not eat. If you think I'm being hard about this, wait a few years and you will be glad I am telling you these things so that you can begin to change your ways now.

It is time now to get the desires of your flesh under control. If you wait, you will not survive what is coming upon this nation.

The first prophetic message I wrote on this blog,
will tell you about the solar storms that will cause much of this famine. This one also will give you more information:

There will be during these times a drought as well as a famine. Now is the time to begin to learn good water conservation habits. Electricity will be extraordinarily expensive, so now is the time to learn how to save on electricity. Gasoline will be hard to come by and wretchedly expensive, so learn now how to conserve gas.

Now is the time to begin to get the flesh under control.

On another subject, the situation in the Gulf of Mexico is not over. What we're seeing now is a pause in the actions of the Lord. The worst is yet to come. The second rig exploding a couple of weeks ago is God's sign regarding that.


  1. Brother Cliff,
    This is very solemn to consider. We as Americans are used to the very best for the best price. Soon we will be humbled and need to ask for the very minimum while being required to present the maximum of ourselves just to survive.
    The KING had me join a gym and a little less than a year ago I began a walking routine to be able to walk considerable distances.This is all not easily entreated as I need HIS strength to proceed and continue in the plan. It is necessary for us to be fit for duty to our SAVIOR as we are part of the LORDS army.
    Bless you brother ..... Steve

  2. "Soon we will be humbled and need to ask for the very minimum while being required to present the maximum of ourselves just to survive." That is very, very true Steve. Most will not be able to handle it. But those of us whom the Lord is now preparing will be able to survive through those hard times. It will definitely be a walk of faith, trusting in Him to provide for us.

  3. Brother Cliff,
    The time is now. Yahweh has given warning. Just look around the world. In Rev 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine. Have we not been warned of times we shall face? I think we have truly been warned and most graciously. In Yeshua, Cassie

  4. You're correct, Cassie. Most think that Rev 6:6 will never affect them because they believe they will be "raptured out of here" before things get that bad. They are in for a very rude awakening.

  5. Amen, Cliff! The Lord told my wife & I back in Jan. 2009, during a 21 day Daniel fast, to begin to "prepare" for the future. He gave us directives to follow & we have been conserving resources & done what He told us to do ever since. God's people would be wise to heed His warnings & do whatever they can now, before it is too late.

    I also agree with you about the solar storms & the the situation in the Gulf regarding the oil spill. This is not fear mongering or conspiracy theory...our God IS in control. Too many of God's people have been warned by dreams & visions of these things (& WORSE) happening in the future. God always warns before He acts, but too many are falling for the "peace & safety" words that are being inaccurately spoken & do not realize that sudden destruction will come upon them, like with a woman going into childbirth & they will not escape because of their own foolishness.

    The point is, YES, there IS "peace & safety" for God's people, but it is ONLY as we stay in His will, under the shadow of His wings & do what He tells us. Just like when God warned Joseph to flee to Egypt with Mary & Jesus...Joseph had to obey, or they would of been caught & killed by Herod. In the same way, we also will only have peace & safety, as we stay under Him in obedience. Enough said!

  6. Amen, Mark! Thanks for your always insightful comments.

  7. Thank you for this message! I needed to hear it and it is confirmation of what God is leading me to in my life right now. God bless you!

  8. Brother Cliff,

    I am astounded at this. I have been through the juice fast and am now, at the Lord Jesus' direction, I am continuing with just water in order to:

    1. Make my body submit to my spirit
    2. Cleanse from all the toxins
    3. Prepare for hard times to come.

    Normally we are not to tell anyone about our fasts, to avoid spiritual pride. But the truth is that the Body of Christ needs to be aware that we must fast and pray for the things that are coming. Thank you for this word.

    Pastor C. Covert

  9. Most of my childhood, I grew up hungry... running out of food by the second week because my mother would spend it on drinking. No food in the house for a week or 2 at a time. Lots of times I would go behind the bakery down the road at 4 am and pick the dumpster for their 1 day old doughnuts which were thrown out a few times a week... I would bring this home and that was our food for me and my siblings...

    There are hard times coming, worse than the ones I lived as a child in the inner city going hungry many nights with nothing to eat and 2 changes of clothes. If we hear HIS voice and listen and obey, HE will direct us to be where HE wants us to be so HE can take care of us... More importantly is that we are submitting our will by doing HIS will in our lives.


  10. Cliff:

    Your example, prompted by the Lord, serves as a conviction to me. As I mentioned in prior postings, my wife and I have stored water and a full fridge of food to prepare for upcoming times. I’ve tried to be as vigilant in the natural as I can, and said I will trust the LORD for the rest. But another spin on this, as you correctly point out, is to prepare ourselves (really mentally more than anything) to survive with only the most basic, fundamental and frugal means possible. If the Lord wills, we will certainly be in a situation where we will be literally “running for our lives” from mainstream society. All the little things we take for grated now, rely upon and buttress a framework of emotional stability on will be egregiously missing.

    Personally, I tend to suffer from tension headaches, and I think nothing throughout the day of popping an aspirin or two. I tend to rely on this way too much and don’t really think about the fact that if I didn’t have this aspirin I would really be in trouble as I haven’t learned how to deal with it otherwise. I see now that I really need to work on ridding myself of this habit so I can be a useful and functional vessel for our Lord when the time comes and I DON’T have any aspirin available. I’ve sensed this urgency prior, but your posting certainly bring it to immediate light.

    This is one example of several I can come up with that I need to start preparing myself NOW to do without when the time comes. We Americans really don’t know what it is to do without. We will all be very soberly “educated” on the fundamentals really are when all the tribulations start to unfold.


  11. Lance, I wish that all would follow the leadings of the Lord as you are doing.

  12. Hi, How do you prepare when u have children of diffrent ages.


  13. Gladis, I wish I had an answer for you, but I don't, except to suggest you fervently seek the Lord for an answer to that. I'm sorry, I wish I could give you a better answer than that, but I simply don't have the wisdom to help you on that.

  14. Gladis,

    The first thing you can do to prepare your children is to begin talking with them, so they will know that you know what is about to happen. If they see that you are going to trust God no matter what you see happening, they are much more apt to follow you in this.

    The faith of children is such that Jesus used it as an example to His disciples as to who would see the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Four year old Samuel went to serve Eli and after some time in his service went on to prophesy from the Lord to the very man he was sent to serve - and that was judgment from the Lord, and not some sweet little word of encouragement!

    Read scriptures that tell of mighty exploits of the Lord, and even stories of mighty deliverance from the enemy. Tell stories of enemy invasion in foreign lands, and how God's people have been persecuted, but that He is always with His own. If you teach children not to view themselves as citizens of the earth, but as citizens of Heaven, they will often understand this and cling to the Lord tenaciously.

    I hope this helps you. There is always hope in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Sis Cathian

  15. Excellent advice, Cathian. This is how the Body of Christ is supposed to work together.

  16. Thank you for advice, Cathian.