Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Tropical storm Hermine came unexpected and hit the Texas/Mexico border leaving wind damage and drenching/flooding rains in many areas of Texas. Why write abbout this? The meaning of Hermine is "complete, universal; messenger; earthly". Hermine is God's earthly messenger of the complete and universal destruction that is coming unexpectedly and quickly upon this nation. Obama would not listen to God's warnings about interfering with Israel, the Lord's last warning being Hurricane Earl. Therefore the Lord sent Hermine as an harbinger of what is coming very, very soon with no more warnings.


  1. Hello Brother Cliff,
    I saw Earl cut and run here on the east coast as we were expecting it to hit hard. Especially the DC area to the effect of warning Obama.
    But then as I read your recent post that it was a warning. A warning is just that; a warning and not an actual punishment. It is a small example of the punishment to come if one is disobedient to the warning given. As was and is our leaders.
    So I see now that the actual punishment is not going to come with a warning to prepare and go shopping and stock up. It is going to hit fierce and no looking back. GOD help us all ..... Steve

  2. Your comment was from the Spirit of the Lord, Steve. Thanks.

  3. Cliff:

    Thank you for your faithful obedience and servitude toward our awesome and holy GOD. It’s vessels like you that GOD uses to show HIS mercy on HIS true Believers (and anyone else who will listen) in that we can have a glimpse into HIS heart, HIS truths and to an extent what HIS intentions are and what HE’s about to do. The Word teaches GOD is faithful and true, and HE proclaims HIS warnings prior to judgments. This is seen all throughout the Bible, and I’m seeing it now.

    To state it very plainly, my heart and soul have been deeply troubled. I saw your “Storm Warning” post the day you posted it, and it’s taken me days to even begin to come up with any words that come close to expressing my tremendous sorrow at the thought of what’s about to become of this nation and what people have let the enemy do to us. Truthfully, I have been laying awake in bed until 3:30-4:00 in the morning in deep distress. Such a great nation due to such tremendous blessing and grace by our wonderful CREATOR– and then such evil disregard for HIM, people blinded and stupefied by selling out to the enemy.

    My prayer: “Dear LORD Almighty, thank you so much for the unimaginable grace you’ve shown to us in America for so long. You’ve listened to the intercedes and cries of your true children throughout the years, and you’ve overlooked the most wicked and detestable plights imaginable because of your love for us. Above all, you died on the cross for me and my filth. You opened your Children’s eyes to see you, hearts to receive you, and ears to hear you and minds to comprehend what you’re about to do through faithful servants such as our Brother Cliff. You are the righteous and sovereign JUDGE, and I pray that you keep your true believing Children close to you in the times ahead, no matter how horrible, terrifying and hard things get – that no one falls to the enemy or the great deception that’s coming upon the earth. Keep our hearts ever close to YOU, dear LORD Almighty, and to never take our eyes off of YOU. We love YOU, Holy God, and we hereby throw ourselves down before your Throne and ask for protection and grace. Amen.”


  4. This is an e-mail I received from a dear sister in the Lord which I think need to be posted here.

    Hello, Clifford: Thanks for sending me this brief post. It is amazing how quickly Hermine appeared out of nowhere. Just some info that may or may not be useful in any particular way is that HERMINE is the feminine form of HERMES. HERMES is the Greek name for the Roman god MERCURY and for the Hindu god HANUMAN. HANUMAN is the monkey god that Obama keeps as a charm in his pocket and accepted a 2-foot idol of (especially blessed by priests in an 11-day ceremony no less) in August of 2008 while on the campaign trail. Since it seems true that God judged the gods of pharaoh, I can't help but wonder if he will also judge the "gods" of Obama? Not only was Hermes (Mercury/Hanuman) a messenger just as you noted, but he would also guide the dead to the underworld. Just a thought. God bless!