Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Nation of Gluttons

God richly blessed this nation with every blessing under the sun - and we've become a nation of gluttons who have gorged ourselves on every blessing God gave us and many things that God did not give us but rather things that we created ourselves. Over 50% of the people in the USA are overweight, over 30% of them classified as obese or morbidly obese. We have gorged ourselves on the bountiful food supply that the Lord had given us. We have gorged ourselves on every type of alcohol that you can imagine (alcohol in itself is not bad, but the overuse of it is). We have gorged ourselves on illegal drugs: marijuana, cocaine, speed, heroin, etc. This nation uses more illegal drugs than any other nation. We have gorged ourselves on sex. There is more illicit sex now between unmarried people than there has ever been in this nation. There are more pregnancies among unmarried females that there ever have been. There are more murders of unborn children than there ever have been.

We have gorged ourselves on pornography. We have gorged ourselves on clothes. We have gorged ourselves on material possessions. We have gorged ourselves on our own pleasures, whether these be TV, sports, electronic games, movies, etc. We have gorged ourselves on false religious "feel good" doctrines. We have gorged ourselves on more perversions than any other nation. We are a nation of gluttons, a nation out of control by choice.

George Will recently wrote that "American life resembles a giant all-you-can-eat buffet offering calories, credits and intoxicants and other invitations to excess. Americans accept these invitations so promiscuously that bad decisions about smoking, eating and other behaviors account for almost half of US deaths in our losing war with ourselves".

God is sick of it and is very quickly going to put an end to it. Prepare yourselves now to do without most of what we consider to be the "essentials" of life, they are about to come to an end.

In Tom Clancy's latest fiction novel "Dead Or Alive", he says about a mythical President (even though he did not know he was speaking prophetically) "So what happens when a weak man of flawed character is faced with a cascade of catastrophes? He crumbles of course, and with him the nation". So also will Obama, a weak man of flawed character, crumble when God's wrath is poured out upon this nation shortly.

I believe that the catastrophes have already begun with the many deaths caused by the weather and by things like the recent shootings in Tuscon. In June I started a thread which was titled "Catastrophe After Catastrophe". For several months I listed the things that were happening in our nation. Those were just the very beginning. What happened in Tuscon recently, the shooting deaths of six people, was the acceleration of the catastrophes - they will not slow down, only get worse.

God will not protect all His people in the coming years. Many will die during the catastrophes that will be unleashed upon this country. Think very seriously about that - are you ready to meet your Maker? Is your heart ready? Is your lamp lit? I implore you my brothers and sisters to spend as much time as you can in prayer, fasting and reading the Bible. The day of darkness is at hand.


  1. Thank you Cliff,

    I was so troubled in my spirit last night I couldn't sleep. I just kept praying. Our time is fast drawing down as far as this nation. Our God will judge our nation correctly. Time to prepare and draw close to the God of Heaven and Earth.


  2. Cliff: Thank you for this timely message.

    The Lord has been bringing me and my wife to tears recently, telling us in our prayer/interceding time things like, “My heart is broken. People laughing, singing, dancing, but the heart is from Me” -- (referring to people in the general church) -- “Where are My true worshipers? I’m searching for a people who love Me with all their heart, mind, soul and body.” Even what should be right in this country (the church) is very, very wrong.

    The Lord has now given us sort of more of a specific timeline on things in this most recent post, Cliff. This is not to be taken lightly. The Lord rarely ever gives such specifics in timing, and it’s only His grace that He’s doing so for His true children who will really listen to Him, Heed his words and prepare for what’s coming.

    What really is moving me lately is His revelation on how much He really wants to be close to His children, how much He really loves us and cares for us with an unconditional love that we simply cannot understand. He loves to fellowship with us and loves to hear us worship Him (truly). My question to the people of America is: How could you not love such a wonderful God, Who is willing to forgive us soooo much, has done soooo much for us and loves us soooo much?


  3. That message had been burning in my heart lately but I truly did not want to post it. To be very frank I am getting tired of being a prophet of doom and gloom. I would much rather be comforting, encouraging and building people up. But I don't have any choice, when the Lord gives me a message to write I must write it.

  4. Last night Peter(my husband) and I went out to get a few things. I was not feeling well and pushed myself to go. It was dark and the streets were like ice and snow was all around. The air was cold and the chill went to the bones. We came out of a store and I had stopped to make a call on my cell phone to my daughter the call went through 10 seconds to be exact but then it hung up I had lost connection!?!?! Standing in front of me was this young man who looked in need. He was wearing slippers (torn,wet, old) and a thin coat with a sweater and no shirt under the sweater. His slippers soaked with water and his socks were drenched past the ankle. In the pocket of his sweater were socks that were dirty and wet they were rolled up. I looked at this young man and asked if we could help him. I asked if we could go to the store and buy him a warmer coat. His reply " Umm why? What will this do for you?" I said that it wouldn't do anything for me. But that I looked at him as he was a child of God and he could be my son. And I would want someone to help my son. He was listening. I then said do you know Jesus? He shook his head yes. I then said the least you do for one of these you do for me. He smiled. So, off to the store we went we could not find a jacket that would not weigh him down. He needed a jacket that would be warm yet light if wet. We then went into a shoe store. He wanted boots that would be flat on the bottom and light weight. We could find nothing like that only slippers that were rubber soles, flat and warm fur inside. Yes, a size 12 he wants those. Then it came time to part with all of the wet dirty socks. He did and we bought a package of socks for him with 6 pairs. He was so happy. As we left the store I said you must be hungry. Yes, he said. We offered to go buy him some food to eat.He did not want to come into the store as to draw attention to himself so he stayed outside. He asked for nothing. He accepted with humility. We came out of the grocery store and he sat in our truck with the heat on and ate the food. He was so grateful. He was also very hungry. We started to carry on a conversation his name was Bradlee he was 25 and he lived with relatives. He as very intelligent. He knew of God and knew things were going to wrong in the world and that darkness would soon be all around us. He spoke of his mother and father who live in another part of the United States. We did not push much for answers. Backing up a minute to being in the store buying food. I said to Peter the coat you have on you can wash and dry it. the water repels off of it. You have two because the price was so good I could not pass it up. What if you give him your coat and it is lined and he will be warm. You have another like it at home. We said we would give your coat to a homeless man. And look we have found one. So, Peter gave him the coat. Peter was led to leave something inside the pocket. When Bradlee looked over the coat and in the pockets he said "did you leave anything in the pockets you want?" Peter knew what he meant and said no. He was very thankful. He couldn't believe how much we were doing for him. He was so happy and he said he was "impressed with us" that whatever happened he would remember us. he gave us a number where to reach him but said he walk everywhere and will not ask for anything but will take what is given to him. We prayed before he left the truck and he went on his way. We followed this young man that had BLESSED US until we could no longer see him. My heart hasn't been the same. This young man BLESSED ME!! He showed me what it was like to want and not ask. What it was like to take only what was needed. He was polite and thankful. He was caring. I will NEVER forget that night. And in the back of the truck are his slippers, socks and a womans old bed coat that was paper thin. Not once did he complain. Thank you Yahweh for putting him in our path last night. men.

    All will be judged. The gate is narrow.
    In Yeshua with love,

  5. Cliff, Thanks for the message. I used to think US will take its fall by 2012. I expected things to fall apart last fall, but it did not. Life goes on as usual even at start of 2011. Market kept making new highs and all the pundits expect recoveries. I don't have the gift of prophecy and I started to doubt whether I was wrong, and I should live just like everybody else, be happy and merry, not even bothering with truth. Your blog gives me consolation: Maybe I am a fool, but at least I am not alone.

  6. Bro. Cliff, we are on the same page...each day we sense a more & more intense buildup of what is coming. It comes in waves & at times, all I can do is weep inside, knowing that we are on the brink of destruction.

    The news & Govt. tip-toe around all of the earthquakes, coupled with all of the multitudes of bird, fish & other animal deaths that are occurring at the same time...these things cannot be "explained away"...judgment is at the door & the door is opening.

    As you & I already discussed...a few months ago we were in the eye of the storm, but I believe that we are now starting to go forward out the opposite side...things are going to get much, much worse. We may not know exactly when, but the urgency is ever increasing.


  7. Cliff...thank you for your obedience to Father in getting this out to all who will hear. May He keep you in His Peace.