Sunday, May 1, 2011

Calm Turns To Horror

That was a headline I saw on the news today and it is what is about to shortly happen here in this country. The prophets have warned and warned, but few have listened, few have repented and turned from their wicked and evil ways. The churches don't preach repentance and warning, they don't preach humility, they don't teach love, they have no idea what is about to happen - the sheep's blood will be upon the hands of the shepherds.

The nation as a whole continues to go down the path to destruction, spiritually and financially. There will be no turning back. The Lord has spoken as to what is going to happen and His words will be fulfilled in short order. The calm we are now seeing in the nation will suddenly turn to horror, just as it did when the tornadoes hit the South this past week.

Seek the Lord while He may be found. 


  1. I concur. John the Baptist the 2nd.

  2. Shalom

    WARNING!! The contractions are getting closer and harder. Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Yahweh and all else shall be granted unto you. Amen! REPENT and turn back to Yahweh. Seek forgiveness for your sins. Yahshua is the ONLY way to the Father. The ONLY way. This country has seen the calm before the HORROR!! Yahshua came to save the world. HE comes now to judge the world.

    In Yahshua with love,

  3. When Japan had their massive 10 mag earthquake, I read where the island of Japan was moved 8 miles off its foundation. Recently I watched a video of places where Japan is sinking into the ocean. There was another incident where a meteor passed very close to the earth and knocked it 3 degrees off it's tilt. I can't remember exactly when this happened, but I remember it was not too long ago maybe a few years ago. The point is, the earth is going through some massive changes and Where I am in Minnesota, today is May 1st and it is very cold. We have our heat on right now. The storms the south is getting the midwest should be getting instead. The upper midwest where I am is getting snow storms. Our planet is shifting by God's hand...Now we wait for the Big Earthquake coming in America.

    Mavis Goebel

  4. "Whenever God repeats what He says, it declares extreme importance of what He speaks." - This is a statement that Mark Moore made to me last year. When I read Cassie's (Joan The Baptist)reply above which repeated what I had said about the calm and horrors, then Mark's statement above came into play. God has spoken twice in a matter of minutes about the calm and the horrors about to befall this nation, that means it is extremely important. Time is very, very short.

  5. Two nights ago I heard the Lord say three different times, “The time has come.” The rollercoaster has inched over the last strut at the top, and the downward plunge is imminent. The demonic attack against every true Believer is strong right now. Satan also knows the time is short. He will attack your mind, heart, body, whatever you even slightly open up to him. These days if I even skip one half day of proper time in the Lord’s presence, I truly regret it and feel like a naked man out in the middle of a field trying to bat away a swarm of hornets with a bamboo stick. We need God’s covering from the enemy like never before. We must be VERY CLOSE to our Lord right now, practice holiness, love toward others, and especially spend time with our Wonderful Creator and love Him truly. This includes much prayer and reading of His Word.


  6. And we are still climbing the roller coaster with the USA against Israel now.
    Prepare well...