Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Judgment Continues

Thus far in 2011 we have seen catastrophic tornadoes, catastrophic floods and catastrophic wildfires. Now we have an extreme drought in fourteen southern and southwestern states that will be a catastrophic event as well. In today's news this weather event was said to be leading to another Dust Bowl like the one in the 30s. The weather forecasters blame it on a La Nina weather pattern, they have no idea that it is part of God's judgment upon this nation. This drought is similar to the one in the 30s that hammered an already weakened nation. We recovered from that, but we will not recover from this.

The latest news regarding this drought is quite alarming because it means that crops are not growing which means food shortages and higher food prices on the horizon. Also caused by the drought are shortages of hay used to feed cattle and corn used to feed pigs, as well as water for these herds, which means that ranchers will be forced to sell their herds because they cannot afford to feed and water them. That will mean temporarily lower meat prices, but only for a very short time, then prices will skyrocket. Chicken feed will become more expensive thus raising the prices of chickens and eggs. Cotton crops are being devastated which means higher prices for clothing and other cotton products.

On the other side of the nation the effects of the extremely heavy snowfall this past winter in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho are still causing problems in those states because of the great amount of water still coming from the snowmelt in the mountains. The damage from the recent floods up there was great, but the effects are still lingering. The rivers are still high which means that fishing up there is almost non-existant and raft tours are virtually impossible. Business up there in these areas is dramatically off because of the lack of tourists who usually flock to those states for summer vacation fishing and rafting. More businesses will close, more people will lose their jobs and eventually their homes. More people will be in need of social services which will add to the already great economic problems of our nation. This nation will not recover.

These things are simply more of God's judgment upon this wicked and perverse nation - and His judgment will only get worse. You must continue to press into the Lord for wisdom and guidance in what are becoming very perilous times.


  1. This was sent by someone who I will let remain anonymous:
    Hello Clifford,

    Washington State also had way too much snow last winter. The east side of the mountains during the summers are normally dry and hot as the rain falls on the western slopes. There are many orchards in the east, using irrigation water as there is just not enough rain normally. However, they are so far behind I ‘m not sure what will happen to the apple capitol of the world, since there has been way to much wind and colder weather as the cold is fighting the warm air as mountains are still covered with lots of snow. They grow not only apples but cherries and pears. Many jobs are depended upon orchards with little other industry. Also, tourism brings people there for fruit and sunshine, camping and swimming. Today the temp is 70 degrees and raining, normally around 90- low 100’s average in July. Don’t ask me how the Salmon will survive, coming upstream to lay their eggs in raging rivers, needing to spawn in calm places.

    We were hoping camp and swim, but why waste the gas pulling a small trailer with a pickup for hundreds of miles, at $4.00. per gallon or more? Cheaper to stay home and just go to the pool, that is ... if it’s warm enough. Brrrr!

  2. We recovered from that, but we will not recover from this.

    In the 1930's, this nation had God, morals and ethics. It would have been UNHEARD of to have a Moslem as a president and militant 'gays' getting married. Ditto the illegal situation.

    We are doomed.

    It is sad, that I actually look forward to God dealing with this wicked place.

  3. Yep, Paulette, I also look forward to seeing God's judgment poured out upon this wicked and godless nation. It is the only way that decency will return to this nation.

  4. It is sad that I feel this way at times. I cannot believe that I 'look forward!' to God showing up and wrecking the place!

    I guess that if you just cannot take evil, maybe thats what makes you feel this way?

    When I was young, I was always scared of people that were wild, I stayed FAR AWAY from them...

    Funny, my other family members didnt.

    God must have had a hand on me, like he does with so many of his other children.

    God Bless Cliff!!!