Thursday, September 1, 2011

Continuing Catastrophes

In a message last year I spoke about how we would see catastrophe after catastrophe hit this nation. Then in July I wrote about how those things have been coming to pass and that they will only get worse. Then Hurricane Irene hit and we are now finding out that FEMA is almost out of emergency relief funds because they have spent the highest amount in their history for catastrophes that have occurred this year, and there are still four months left in 2011.

These "natural" disasters are going to get worse and worse. God has had enough of the wickedness in the USA and nothing will stop His judgment upon this land.

Let me correct something that I had written in this message originally. The Lord told me that there would be another hurricane that hit the U.S. "like the fist of God". However, He did not say that it would happen this year. I assumed that it would because we were in the middle of the hurricane season and it seemed likely that it would happen soon, but that was not something the Lord told me, that was my own incorrect assumption. It still could happen this year, but more than likely it will occur next year.

These "natural" disasters are going to get worse and worse. I believe that we are going to see another major hurricane hit this nation this year, probably in the next few weeks. This hurricane will slam into this country like the fist of God and will be much worse than Irene, and I don't believe that we will be prepared for it.

Next I believe that major earthquakes will begin to shake this nation to its very core. The one that hit the east coast a few weeks ago was nothing compared to what is coming. God has had enough of the wickedness in the USA and nothing will stop His judgment upon this land.

On another subject, last year I warned about the Gulf of Mexico exploding and causing horrific damage. When it didn't happen then I thought that my warning may have been premature, but that it would still happen, and it still might because I certainly don't understand God's timing or His ways. However, that was the only one of my messages that I have allowed anyone to influence me on, and that person's influence might not have been of the Lord. If I missed the Lord on that message then I repent and apologize to all of you. This I can assure you of that no one except the Lord will ever be allowed to have any influence on any of my messages in the future. I remember how I agonized for days over that warning before I wrote it, but I felt that if it were true then I needed to warn the people. The Gulf still may explode, but at this point I can honestly say that I don't know.


  1. There have been reports of more oil leaking in the Gulf! So it isn't over yet!

  2. The n.east is all flooded and another hurricane is on the way.

    I have a strange feeling, like a calm before the storm. I wrote it, but I dont know what is coming.
    Food, food, food.
    Gold will NOT save anyone.

  3. Understand that we are flesh and often times do not understand the timing of YHWH. If people want to get their briefs/panties in a knot then they will never understand YHWH nor will they ever understand prophecy. Doing such leads to flesh based foretelling which in truth is witchcraft. A real witness will never put YHWH in a box for they know that He is beyond the capability of natural understanding. Things will continue to deteriorate. And those that are truly His will be revealed for they will bear His peace when the world is in chaos.