Monday, October 31, 2016

Judgment Postponed Once Again??

As a watchman my job is to watch and wait, watch and wait, watch and wait, and when I see the enemy coming to warn the people. That is what I am called to do, it is part of my job description. When the Lord tells me to warn the people I do so in the form of this blog. The purpose of warning  the people is so that they can get ready, if they so choose to heed the warnings,  and prepare for the enemy. Nehemiah did this when he told the people to rebuild the walls of the city to ward off attacks of the enemy. In 2006 I warned Hillcrest Church in Dallas that an attack was coming and that they needed to rebuild the prayer walls so that the attack could be diverted. They didn't listen and the church folded less than two years later. This same thing happened to several other churches that I warned, they didn't listen and they no longer exist.

 Someone asked why God's prophets don't ask God for mercy on this nation. Why? Because it is not in my job description. Can anyone show me in the Bible where a prophet cried out for mercy on a nation that turned from the Lord? I see where they called out for judgment, but not mercy for nations that disobeyed God. I see where the apostle John told of the great judgment coming upon the churches (Laodecia, etc) and the world, but he certainly didn't cry out for mercy.

In this case my warnings are for the USA and its people. I don't expect the people of this nation to listen, humble themselves, seek God's face and turn from their wicked and evil ways. It is obvious that they haven't listened because in the last few years this nation has gotten more wicked and evil - they call good evil and evil good, they idolize everything that are abominations to God.

But some of the people in this country have begun to pray, pray and pray some more asking God for more time to prepare. I even read recently that Franklin Graham, a man I know is a true prophet of the Lord, has gone to all 50 states and has stood with other Christians on the capitol steps of each state and repented and asked God for forgiveness and to heal this land.

Sometimes the Lord hears these prayers and delays judgment. I believe that this is what has happened in the last few months. I know that the USA will not repent as a whole, it will continue to get worse and worse. I know that God's judgment is going to poured out upon this country. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year, but it is certainly coming. God is merciful and compassionate at times and may very well delay what He has planned for the USA.

On another subject, let me talk about the so-called "prophets" who are crying out "Peace, peace, blessings, blessings, prosperity, prosperity" for the USA. I first ran across these false prophets in 1994 at a seminar in Tyler, TX. They were prophesying about how God was going to bless this nation and its people, all the wonderful things He was going to do here. I was enraged!! I knew that this nation had turned away from God and that He had no plans to bless the USA. I confronted them on this but they refused to believe. They were from the now defunct and discredited "School of the Prophets" in Kansas City, a school that has been shown to be in error, people that had not heard from the Lord.

But the same type of false prophets are rampant in many churches in this nation today. They are still telling people how God is going to bless this country, all the wonderful things He is going to do for the USA. Now I challenge and dare any of these so-called "prophets" to show me anywhere in the Bible where any prophet, ANY PROPHET, prophesied good things about a nation that had turned away from the Lord and refused to turn back to Him. I DARE YOU TO FIND EVEN ONE!! Instead they warned the people what God would do if they didn't change their ways. The USA has not only turned AWAY from God, we have turned AGAINST Him. He has been told He is not wanted in this country anymore. He has been told that from the President on down. So tell me you so-called "prophets"or even any of their followers, why would God bless this nation THAT HAS TURNED AGAINST GOD.

My brothers and sisters, DO NOT LISTEN to these liars and deceivers!! Yes, there is a case of when Jonah cried out judgment against Ninevah and the people repented. But it was the king who called the nation to repentance and humility. In the case of this country, our "king", obama, has just gotten more and more evil and turned completely against God, and he is certainly not going to call this nation to repentance.


  1. Thank you! I have heard their claims too, and they have been confusing to me. Now I know why!

  2. Yes brother Jonah cried out and Ninevah repented. Key word,"repented". The US or at least the majority of the US has not repented and is pursuing more wickedness and not turning away from the current wickedness going on in the average individual's lifestyle. Mine included, but I pray for deliverance and I repent daily for the wretched man that I am. Thanks for having the guts to post this. ..... Steve Hollander