Friday, August 14, 2009

The Eye of the Storm

August 14, 2009

Right now we are in the rather calm eye of the storm. But the worst damage comes after the eye passes and the winds come from the other direction. The first winds of this storm weakened the economic structure in this country, but they didn't destroy it. At this date, there is a relative calm in the economy of this country - it seems to have stabilized and the stock market has rallied. Our politicians and newspapers are declaring that the recession is over and there will be good times ahead. DON'T BELIEVE THEM!!!!

This is just the calm in the eye of the storm. The winds are about to hit us from another direction and they will completely destroy the economy of this country. It is coming very, very quickly. Be prepared to live on virtually nothing. Be prepared to live without many of the conveniences you have today. Be prepared for exorbitant price increases on everything from food, to electricity, to gasoline, to clothes, to just about anything you buy. Hyperinflation is coming very, very quickly.

You must learn to do with much less than you have today. Energy prices will skyrocket to unbelievable levels and many of you will not be able to afford to air-condition or heat your homes. Gasoline prices will be higher than anyone could ever have predicted, be prepared to drive only for essential errands. Food prices will skyrocket and you will be able to afford only the basic necessities. Salaries WILL NOT rise accordingly. Cut back on your expenses and save as much money as you can.

I can't tell you how dire this warning is! It is from the Lord. When I woke up this morning I had no idea that I would be writing this today. But I read something in this morning's Dallas Morning News Business section where the reporter asked the question "Are we in the eye of the storm?" Then the Lord put this message upon my heart.

What should you do? I don't give blanket advice except to tell you to spend more time in prayer and fasting, asking the Lord what He wants you specifically to do. His direction will be different for different people. I do believe that many families and friends will be living together to try to conserve money and resources. I do believe that it is time to begin planting your own vegetable gardens. I do believe that it is time you learned to ride bikes again. I KNOW that it is time to get your prayer life in order and make it the most important part of every day. Turn off that idiot box and pray and read the Bible. Seek the Lord while He may be found. The days of darkness are almost upon us.


  1. So grateful that Father God showed you to us. We have wondered who else was out there, hidden. Keep listening and learning at His feet. We'll keep in touch.

  2. Thank you Cliff for all that you have said; for your obedience as a watchman on the wall. I have also read your words at and I know in my spirit that you are truly hearing from the Lord and sounding the alarm.
    I am fasting and praying for His direction for my family in this hour. I feel a huge sense of urgency to get out of CA, and for my east coast family to leave those areas asap, so I am hoping for some revelation as to where we may take refuge. The time IS short.

  3. Thank you very much Cliff for your great ministry for our Lord God, Jesus Christ! I am now not living in USA. I've moved back to my country for a while, but I still beware what to come to USA. I've been warning my friends, my fellow Christians there but they look down on me, they don't believe me. Almost of them were deceived as well. May God of Isarael be with you.

  4. Six years ago I dreamed God was looking down on the sanctuary of the church I used to attend and He was saying, "I am going to destroy these people. They are not doing what I say. They are doing their own thing. I hate what they are doing and I am fed up with them. I am going to destroy them." I told the pastor and he called a three-day fast because he felt the corporate church (worldwide) was being referred to and he instructed everyone to pray. Recently, I keep opening my Bible on Jeremiah 50 and 51 - purely by chance - it seems. It's all about Babylon's judgement and its fall. I understand the spiritual reference from what I have been studying. I seriously believe it is another warning. Yesterday morning I awoke to "It is finished." I saw no one in my room, heard no one, but the words.