Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To the Naysayers

Several people have written that they don't agree with what I've prophesied and demanded that I back up my prophetic words biblically. I don't argue with people who disagree with the messages that the Lord has given me, anymore than Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekial, Elijah or any of the other prophets argued about their prophetic words. I won't try to "back them up scripturally" either because the prophets of old didn't try to "back up" their words scripturally. They are from the Lord and that is all I need to be concerned about. Whether people agree with them or not makes no difference - what I have prophesied will still come to pass.

I've posted these prophetic messages on several forums and I have been amazed at the arrogant and argumentative so-called "Christians" that attack me on these forums. I don't respond to them anymore than I respond to those who attack me or disagree with me on this blog. The messages I put on here are prophetic words from the Lord, if you don't like them then argue with Him about them because I won't respond to you or argue with you -He won't either.

Those who receive these prophetic words will be prepared when God's judgment is being poured out upon this country. Those who don't listen will be in great fear and turmoil, seeking a word from the Lord, but He will be silent because you refused to believe His prophets. The best advice I can give anyone is to turn off your idiot boxes, quit trying to do all the busy things you think you need to do to be important and begin reading your bibles, and fast and pray like you never have before. This is a time to get before the Lord every minute you can and ask Him what His plans for you, individually, are during the coming tribulation in the USA. Don't look to others for direction, look to the Lord. Turn off that trash on the religious television channels and seek the Lord while He may be found. The time is coming very, very, very soon when He won't be found for far too many who think they are "saved".


  1. Amen brother!

    I bless you in Yahshua's name above all names.

    Troy Westbrook of DeWitt MI

  2. These people who contradict you need a wake-up jolt, and they will be receiving one in the not-far future.

    Kenneth Heck

  3. Denial and anger are 'stages' through the dying process. Don't take it too personally (they know not what they do...). If a believer doesn't sense the 'death' that this country is experiencing I don't know what else to say. It is very sad.

  4. You have many out here who are listening. Most won't but then most did not believe Jesus was who He was and He was right in front of them.

    I've been preparing for 3 years:

    -- Owe no man nothing
    -- Food prep
    -- (can't say other preps)

    Most of all, I'm praying meself and my family are ready.

    Thanks from Alabama

  5. ...even those who believe they are 'physically' prepared will not be prepared for what is to come.

    Our relationship with God is all we will (each) individually have in the days ahead.

    No one physical place will be 'safe'...
    for when our food and our ammo and our seeds for planting and our generators are no longer there to depend upon ...what will we do then?

    Our money, and our homes...and our belief in ourselves and all we so arrogantly believe we have 'done right' - - regarding our finances and our physical preparation for the days ahead - - will not protect us from the greatest evil to befall our nation - and life as we know it.

    Read the first few chapters of Hosea... if you are wondering...

    American pastors and their churches have not at all prepared their flocks to imagine what God really thinks of those who sit in the pews on Sunday morn...
    Ezekial 34... "Woe unto you...false shepherds..."

    Read it... its all there..

    We Christian Americans...'Blessed of God'... have cursed Him in all we have become and all we claim to be...

    Count the days and count the minutes...
    and read his Word with every breath of your life.
    For we will each stand alone
    in that hour.