Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Double Warning

We all remember how God virtually destroyed New Orleans by sending hurricane Katrina in 2005. Now He sent an eartquake that has devastated Haiti. What do these two catastrophies have in common? Both New Orleans and Haiti are predominately Catholic and both are heavily into voodoo and black magic. The Catholic Church turns a blind eye to the evil of voodoo and black magic, they just wink their eyes at it and act like it is ok. It is never preached against.

The Catholic Church sanctions Mardi Gras, which is millions of people out on the streets of New Orleans waving their hands at the floats in the parades, floats which are named after Greek gods and godesses. It is a pagan festival which the Catholic Church supports and encourages. I am originally from New Orleans, as well as being a former Catholic who was taught by the nuns and the Jesuit priests, so I know what I'm talking about.

As I said in my last prophetic message, the earthquake in Haiti is a dire warning to the people in this country about the catastrophies which are coming upon this country. As I said in "The Destruction of the USA", Katrina was a severe warning about the deviant sexual and spiritual practices in this country. How much more explicit can God be before we listen to Him? Don't these two calamities register as warnings from the Lord? How many churches do you think will preach about these two events as being omens from Heaven? How many so-called "Christians" do you think will listen and heed God's threats?

To the Catholic Church: How long before you open your eyes and see what a pit of evil you have become? What else can the Lord do to warn you about the calamities that are about to befall you because of your deviant spiritual practices? Do you truly believe that God turns His eyes from the wicked things that you just wink at? Do you think that He is not concerned that you teach your sheep to worship everyone but Him - Mary, the "saints", plastic idols, the monstrance, the host that you teach is miraculously turned into the body and blood of Jesus Christ?

Just as New Orleans and Haiti saw horrible catastrophies befall them, so also shall you, the Catholic Church, see destruction come upon you suddenly and without warning. Just as the diocese's palace in Haiti was destroyed, so also shall the Vatican be destroyed if you do not turn from your wicked and evil ways. He who has ears to hear, let him listen.


  1. Both New Orleans and Port-A-Prince are located in areas that configure the picture of a "womb".

    Look at the Gulf of Mexico, at the northern most part is New Orleans, surrounded by the coasts of Texas and Florida with the opening of the womb down near Cuba. Approaching Haiti from the western water you come into the same land configuration of a womb....going east toward Port-A-Prince, also the upper part of a "womb".


  2. There is not much difference at all between voodoo and catholicism. As a former catholic, I am very familiar with this organization as well.

    May we all heed God's call and turn our hearts completely to Him.

  3. You are 100% correct about there not being much difference between voodoo and Catholicism. I have never thought of the vast similarities between the two before. But after thinking about your comment, the likenesses between them are unbelievable.

    However, God loves Catholics as much as He loves any of the denominations. But He absolutely hates Catholicism. It is important to understand the difference.