Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God's warning to this nation, the USA

The devasting earthquake in Haiti was a dire warning to the people of the USA about what is coming upon this country very, very soon. Great portions of this nation will be destroyed in an instant, there will be no way to prepare. Disaster will suddenly come upon this country, disaster after disaster after disaster. The Lord will lead many to safety before this happens, but many of His people will die during the coming judgment. You must be prepared to meet the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Your lamps of love must be lit. Your hearts must be humble.

You must be very, very close to the Lord in the coming days - that comes through prayer, fasting and reading of the Word. When you see Mount Rushmore fall, then many of you will need to immediately leave the cities where you are - those whom the Lord has instructed to do this. Right after the fall of Mount Rushmore, then the solar storms will hit major areas of this country. When that happens your cars will not run because the electronics will be fried, the water will not be on in your homes because there will be no electricity to power the pumping stations, there will be no electricity to heat your homes, none to cook with, none to light your way. The confusion and fear in those cities will be horrendous, so you must get out before the storms hit. Those who are listening to the Lord will know what cities to leave, and when. Do not ask me what cities, because I do not know. That is something on which the Lord must lead each one of you individually. He who has an ear to hear, let him ear.

If you wait until it is too late, you will be trapped in the cities that are hit. There will be tremendous fires that cannot be put out because of the lack of water pressure. Crime will be unbelievable. Food and water will be non-existant. This nation will truly become a nation of refugees. Prepare while you can - fast, pray and read the Bible.


  1. is this going to happen to australia also I pray and read my bible everyday but cannot fast due to low blood sugar levels1 I watch bible prohecy and it is beng fufullied rite before our eyes! I believe Gods judgments are here for all the wickendness saturarted the earth I will keep watching kind regards sylvia asplet

  2. Sylvia, I do not know what is going to happen to Australia, that is something the Lord has not revealed to me. Here is a website that you might find helpful regarding your country:

    There are people who cannot fast because of health problems, and God understands that, so don't worry about trying to fast. But do spend time in prayer and the Bible everyday.

  3. You do not state how you have come about this information. Is this a "thus sayeth the Lord" to you? I have never heard any prophecy that mentions Mount Rushmore as a time marker.

  4. Yes, it is a "Thus sayeth the Lord." In my first prophetic message on this blog "The Destruction of the USA" I wrote:

    "Back in 1986 I was driving through the Dakotas and pulled up to see Mt. Rushmore. As I pulled the car into the parking lot I suddenly saw Mt. Rushmore come tumbling down. Until March 3, 2009, I didn’t know what this meant. Now I do. Spiritually, this means that God will not let those men who built this country upon Godly morals and principles see His destruction of the nation they so dearly loved. Physically, it is His warning to flee the cities and not look back. Pray that you are not with child then, because the worst is still to come.

    Immediately following the fall of Mt. Rushmore there will be major solar storms (expected by astronomers in 2011-2012) that will cause catastrophic electrical, electronic and communication failures in many areas of the USA and the world. This happened in Quebec some years ago and all power was lost for days, even weeks. All power will be lost in many major cities, including New York City. Complete power grids will shut down, affecting large areas of the country. When this happens gangs will run rampant all over the cities that are affected. They will loot, rape, rob, steal and kill like never before. There will be fires all over which will not be possible to put out because there will be no power to run the water pumping stations, and the looters will shoot the fireman who try to put the fires out. The crime wave in New Orleans after Katrina was nothing compared to what is about to happen. It will be complete civil chaos that the police and National Guard will not be able to stop. People will be leaving these cities by the hundreds of thousands to escape the violence. The USA will be paralyzed. The worst is still to come.

    On that same trip in 1986 I was driving through Granite Falls, MN and stopped to eat dinner and spend the night at the home of some friends’ parents. After dinner I was talking a walk in the neighborhood (which was out in the country) and glanced upon some huge grain silos. All of a sudden I saw these silos explode! I knew that the Lord was telling me that our vast supply of food in this country would suddenly disappear. Since then I have learned that the temperatures in these silos are closely monitored to prevent static electrical buildup, among other things. With no electricity, these silos will explode. With no electricity, our refrigerated foods will go bad. With no electricity, our food processing plants will not function. Will no electricity, our processed seafood and meats will quickly spoil. With no electricity, our water purification plants will not be able to operate. Without electricity, most people will not be able to cook. The solar storms will cause the electricity in many areas of our country to be off for weeks and even months. Our food supply will suddenly be gone. There will be great famine all over the country. . The worst is yet to come."

  5. Cliff,

    Could the falling of Mt. Rushmore be our government falling instead of the faces themselves. I have a sense our government is going to crumble due to the lack of self restraint with the dollar and policies made today.

    It seems you really think the rocks will fall (cry out) physically. If this is true, do you have a expected time table you could share with us.

    I've felt to prepare, which included moving out of the city approximately two years ago and become as self sufficiant as possible. This recent cold snape shed light on a few more things to get incase it's cold when this starts.


  6. The only way to be protected from what is about to come upon America is to put your trust completely in God Almighty. Cry out for Jesus and pray to receive the Holy Spirit if you do not have Him indwelling your body.

    I had a dream last week of abosolute chaos and destruction coming upon this country, I saw many people killing and beating each other, cars just stranded in the middle of the street.

    I also heard the word's 04, 666, and July 13th I didn't hear a year, but we need to prepare our souls right now! Jesus is coming soon!

    I also heard the word's 'California', and 'disaster' after praying for revelation concerning the dream and the date. I will echo the exhortation of Cliff to pray everyday, fast, read your bible, pray in the spirit, worship the Father and praise Him. He will protect His chosen ones.

    God Bless,

  7. Chuck, Mt. Rushmore will physically collapse. Shortly thereafter the solar storms will hit. God is using the fall of Mt. Rushmore to warn the people who need to know, that it is time to immediately leave the cities and flee to their places of refuge. When the solsr storms hit, all the electricity will be cut off, no automobiles will run because their electronics wil be fried and great chaos will break out in those cities.


  9. I recall a prophecy that George Washington had. It predicted three great trials or civil kind of wars. The first was the Revolution, itself. The second was our famous Civil War, and third was some sort of great future war. If America somehow survived that, it would survive, period. Something would have to happen to the USA to convince those who wish us harm, that the time is ripe to bring America down-that would be the third major conflict on American soil.

  10. Hi! I found your site tonight & have read all the prophecies. I believe that they are true. Please pray that I would have the dream or vision again that I had last week. One part just keeps running through my head , but I can't get the meaning. I live in Ohio& this article was posted Feb. 10, 2010 in local paper for county. Interesting that the worldly people are all the sudden talking about the New madrid Quakes. This is the 3rd time I've heard then mentioned in last week ,in a what if, now way by non Christian people.I can't get the link to post. go to & then type in New Madrid Earthquakes in search box & the article will come up. GodBless, lisa