Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Cash-only Society

What???? A cash-only society?? I thought that we would have cashless society because of the mark of the beast, the chips implanted in our foreheads or hands, etc.!

Sorry to upset the apple cart, folks, but we are about to have a cash-only society here in this nation. This morning I read a story about the recent storms in Washington, D.C. that caused several hundred thousand people to be without electricity. So what, you say, that has been happening for ages. Yes, it has. However, the thing that jumped off the page at me this time was that the people could not use their credit cards in the stores because all the power, and thus the electronics, was out. The stores would accept only cash.

When the solar storms hit this nation in full force in 2012, yes that's only two years away, there will be vast sections of this country that won't have electricity. No electricity means no credit or debit cards will be able to be used, only cash. If you don't have cash, you will not be able to buy anything. How will this affect the rest of the country? I do not know at this time. But maybe we have some computer gurus out there who can advise us on this. If people can't buy anything except with cash, which most don't have much of, then they will rob, steal and murder in order to get food, water and the necessities of life. There is going to be violence like this nation has naver seen.

You need to begin to set aside cash if you are able to. If I was able to I would begin to put cash in a safety deposit box in a bank. Yes, I think those boxes are safe for now. When the time comes for you to pull it out, the Lord will let you know.

This nation is about to become a third-world country and we all need to change our ways of thinking about what we need to survive, as opposed to what we want. I have a very, very dear friend, my Kikuyu sister-in-Christ, who lives in Kenya. She lived here in Dallas, Texas for almost 20 years before the Lord sent her back to Kenya in January of last year. Although she rents a house in the city, she has a home in the village where there is no electricity and running water. Rain water is collected in cisterns, just like people in the country here used to do years ago. The people grow their own food in gardens and raise their own cows, chickens and goats.They cook over wood fires, and heat their homes in like manner. And guess what, the people still survive! For us to survive here in the future, many of us will be forced to live in a similar fashion in the places of refuge where God will send many of us. Those days are not far off.

On a similar subject, much has been written about the mark of the beast, which is spoken of in the Bible. There has been much speculation about what it would be and how it would be forced upon mankind. Here is an article from Fox News that talks about a chip that has been implanted in some already and which, I believe, will be forced upon much of the world when the Beast comes into power.

"Having one in every person could relieve anxiety for parents and help save lives, or work on a more mundane level by unlocking doors with the wave of a hand or starting a parked car." The "need" for the chip will be "sold" as a great advance in technology which will make life "easier and safer" for everyone. "Wow, just think people, you won't need to carry cash anymore because this will allow you to just wave your hand in front of a scanner and the amount will automatically be charged to your account, or deducted from your bank account (of course, the government will have access to your accounts also). Your medical records will be instantly accessible in case of an emergency. You will always know where your children are. You won't have to carry keys anymore because this chip will automatically open your doors and start your cars just by the wave of your hand. Just think how wonderful this is going to be! Of course for this plan to work correctly, everyone must have the chip implanted in their hands." That is how easily it will be for this to come about. Most will not think twice about it. We saw how easily an antichrist, Obama, fooled the majority of the people in this nation. Just think how easily THE Antichrist will be able to fool the world with this idea.

The people that are left in this country at that time, as well as others around the world, will be forced to get the chip implanted. But the true Christians who hear from the Lord will know not to let the chip be implanted in them. That means that we will not have bank accounts because they cannot be accessed unless you have the chip. We will not have access to doctors and hospitals because we will not have the chip. We will not be able to buy food, clothing, medicine, or anything else on the open market because all these will require the chip. We will have to depend on the Lord and one another. I do believe that the Lord will supernaturally provide for many of us during that time (i.e., the loaves and the fishes).

These are perilous times, my brothers and sisters. Once again, I urge you to turn off the idiot boxes and draw close to the Lord by prayer, fasting and reading the Bible.

Addendum to message

There was some confusion in the minds of some regarding my latest message about a cashless society, then the mark of the beast, the chips implants, being forced upon most. A dear sister in Christ sent me this which I think will clear up any misunderstandings.

"Here's what I'm feeling in the spirit that we will go through a period temporarily when things are shut down and there will be a cash only society for a season, until they get the mark of the beast in place. Once there is a mainstream majority, only the mark will be accepted, and NOT cash. By that time, cash currency will likely have changed and have NO value, further trying to force people to take the mark so they can eat, or they may starve and die. If individuals are found without the mark, they will likely be martyred."


Monday, July 28, 2014

In a message on my blog several years ago I wrote that a solar storm would hit this nation before the end of Obama's first term, causing catastrophic damage to the electricity and electronics in major parts of this nation. When that happened our satellites would be blinded and the Russians would launch a nuclear attack upon us, then Obama would bow his knees in surrender to Putin, surrendering the USA to Russia. That didn't happen and I was devastated that I had misled people. I thought I missed the Lord.

A short time later I wrote a message on my blog stating that God had delayed His judgment upon this nation because of the prayers of the people, giving us a little more time to prepare. That sounded like an excuse for me missing the Lord. But in the past few days evidence has come out that indeed in 2012 there was a major solar storm that just missed this planet, one that would have caused absolutely catastrophic damage to this planet. It was a "near miss" as reported on Science News from NASA.

"July 23, 2014: If an asteroid big enough to knock modern civilization back to the 18th century appeared out of deep space and buzzed the Earth-Moon system, the near-miss would be instant worldwide headline news.

Two years ago, Earth experienced a close shave just as perilous, but most newspapers didn't mention it. The "impactor" was an extreme solar storm, the most powerful in as much as 150+ years.

"If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces," says Daniel Baker of the University of Colorado. "I have come away from our recent studies more convinced than ever that Earth and its inhabitants were incredibly fortunate that the 2012 eruption happened when it did," says Baker. "If the eruption had occurred only one week earlier, Earth would have been in the line of fire."

Although God was merciful this time, He won't be the next time. Before Obama leaves office we will be hit by the worst solar storm in history and its effects will be absolutely catastrophic! And yes, Obama will surrender this nation to the Russians.


  1. Yes, Brother Cliff. I would also add to this that, on top you correctly observing that only cash will be viable for bartering for a season when the electronics and web systems crash, we also should have plenty of SMALL BILLS (5’s and 10’s as opposed to 20’s, 50’s or 100’s). The reason being is that when all this “electronics” calamity happens, everyone else will also grab their cash stashes and run to the stores and buy up all the food, gasoline and everything else they can (at least what’s left after the looting, stealing and destruction). And most people physically stash larger bills as opposed to smaller ones for consolidation sake, so all the “accessible” retailer systems will quickly run out of transaction change. You may find yourself having to barter a $100 dollar bill for a small container of gas and a loaf of bread if you’re not prepared with smaller bills.

    But even more urgent, in my opinion, is the need to store food and water now – and PLENTY OF IT. Cash will only go so far when all bedlam breaks out. My wife and I have a secondary full-size frige stocked with canned food (with 3-4 yr expiration dates) and almost 10 five-gallon water bottles, which we change the water periodically for purity.

    Yes, eventually someone or “something” claiming to be from “who knows where” will come on the world scene and probably restore some form of temporary order and “sanity,” claim to be God and demand that everyone buy into his (or their) system with a “mark,” probably having successfully restored most of the crashed world electrical systems – which we as Believers know NOT to submit to this as Jesus has forewarned us in His Word.

    Provisionally we do what we can in the natural with the wisdom and revelation that our Lord has given us, and we will rely on Him to guide us through concerning the rest.


  2. Thank you for the message. My husband has been speaking about this to me for a while now. I will get the move on and keep cash on hand.

  3. A partial shutdown of the electrical grid will create a logistical nightmare. Practically all modern systems run off of a Just In Time system in such there are no warehouses of storage and food,supplies, etc. are ordered through the electronic media once the supply gets low and all these financial transactions are based off of our electronics. If this fails there will be no food or supplies delivered. This is why most major cities will be death traps when this happens. The only things that really will be available will be locally grown items and those things that can be locally/regionally hand made perhaps without electricity. In the areas that the solar storms create an EMP practically all "modern" cars and trucks will not run because the electronics will be destroyed. This will further decimate the logistical capabilities and create a massive amount of individuals without "transportation."

    Also note that there are millions of people on the food stamp debit cards. If this happens these cards will not work and you will have lots of very hungry people overnight.

    I think it is also worthy of note that the implementation of the mark will be during the reign of the "beast." We must be very careful in not to put the cart before the horse. One must remember that this will happen in such a way that the people will beg for the reign of the "beast" because the chaos and suffering of that time will be so great. We are now starting to see tangible signs of that suffering to come.

  4. Very insightful comments. Thank you.

  5. How can a person know the things to save up for the tribulation? I don't think it is possible. You could get lots of cash out in small bills, go to all that work, and then it still might not be the right thing to have stock piled!

    I, personally, just don't have the energy to do that! I'm not young anymore.

    Didn't God promise us that if we have kept the Word of His patience that we will be kept from that hour that is coming upon the earth to try it? What about where He says not to worry about what you eat or what you wear?

    How are we to know what to save? What if we don't live on any land to save such on? What if we rent or have an RV? What are those people suppose to do?

    I get very confused about this. I'm here in Florida and I have to stock pile a few things every year for a hurricane. Just recently I had to throw out all my flour and rice because little black bugs got into what I had stored.

    I can't even store up for the next hurricane, how is it humanly possible to do it for a 3 and 1/2 year tribulation? That is how long I think the true christians will be here.

    I'd like some answers to my questions. I mean, how is a person really suppose to store things up for this? What happens if we don't stock pile the right stuff?


  6. Hi Kim, you ask some very pertinent questions which only the Lord can answer for you. As I have said many times on this blog, people need to pray, fast and read the Bible like they never have before in order to get much closer to the Lord so they can hear His voice during these perilous days. He will lead us differently, and the only way to know what He wants for you is for you to spend much time with Him.

    This is not a time for fear and confusion, it is a time of preparation. How do you prepare? You prepare through prayer, fasting and reading the bible. As for me, the Lord has not led me to store up anything, and I sure as heck don't have any cash to set aside at this time. When the time comes, He will let me know what to do and where to go. I am at peace with that and am not worried about the future.

    Will He protect all of us during the Tribulation?
    No. He promised us that some of us would be persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and put to death in the end times. He also spoke of an uncountable number of people who have come out of the Great Tribulation and had their robes washed white in the blood of the Lamb. Some He will hide and protect during that time, others He won't.

  7. I worked in McDonalds years ago, and one day, the power went out. The registers were the touch screens- just came out... They did not work and the store could not sell much of anything. The grills for cooking were gas and still worked and half of the deep fryers were gas and half were electric.

    I worked at Kelloggs in the past. every so often, actual production exceeded the scheduled production quota and an item or two ran out. With the just-in-time delivery and next to no storage of items in the warehouse, this would cause the production line to come to a full halt. Several times in the winter, with the bad weather, shipping some of the items would usually arrive 1 to 3 days late and would have an impact on production. The warehouse had maybe, enough ingredients stored that would run out within a week, maybe 4 days.

    I was living in Michigan when there was a major power failure in Canada from a solar flare years ago. The eastern side of the state was affected and had some power outages in scattered areas, but the majority of the areas had no power. This also affected the internet and banking, credit and debit/atm transactions grinded to a halt, depending which bank you used and/or your location.

    The world will get crazy in a hurry when the power goes out and the food shortages start... It will be like those who do not know God and depend on the arm of the flesh will go crazy. A family with hungry kids, do not know what they will do to get food... Those who are restrained are let loose and others who are held back by fear of the law with no moral or spiritual compass are let loose, it will not be something to look forward to, except for those who keep their eyes on the things from above and know that the time is close when we will meet Him and He returns for His bride.

  8. I have prayed and fasted for a long long time. I still hear nothing about what to do in the tribulation yet. Maybe it's just not time yet, not close enough to it? Indeed these time do call for drawing nearer to God than what we ever have been before. I pray the Lord would put in it our hearts to do that.

    If you are referring to the verse in Rev. 7:14 it really doesn't say they came of "the" great tribulation but that they came out of great tribulation. Very common mistake people are making all the time now especially the group of people that claim the pretrib rapture, which isn't true. I'm not saying you're among that group, just that group makes this mistake a lot. It puts a "the" in there. I don't know if they do come of out the great tribulation or not, it doesn't really say. It could be people who for years down through history that have gone through great tribulation. The bible does say with great tribulation you will enter into the kingdom of God.

    The first group we see in Revelation is in chapter 6 verse 9. These were people that had been killed for their faith over the years.

    The second group we see in Revelation 7:14 are those who came out of great tribulation, this does not necessarily mean the great tribulation but it could be.

    Then you have the group of people that are slain during the tribulation in Rev. 20:4.

    I,personally, have never taken it that the group in Rev. 7:14 have come out of "the" Great Tribulation. I've always taken it that they were my brothers and sisters who had gone through great tribulation in their lives, like I have. But I could be wrong. I just go by what the bible says.

    We are definitely told of a group of people who will be totally taken care of in Rev. 3:10 throughout that whole hour of trying of the earth, I think.

    This task of just trying to prepare just seems so overwhelming to me!

    Sister Kim

  9. You are correct Kim in that it is not yet time for the Lord to tell you where you are to go and/or what to do. When it is time, you will know.

    As far as Rev 14:7, in most versions it does say that they have "come out of the great tribulation". Only in the King James does it say differently. There is no "official authorized version, as some believe. Most translations are of the Lord - "He uses His word to accomplish that which HE pleases and purposes."

  10. Kim, regarding your last comment which I rejected. This is not a forum, it is not a discussion group. If you want to argue such foolishness about what is the best version of the Bible, then you'll need to do it elsewhere. I won't argue about such nonsense.

  11. I just had an interesting thought, when God spoke to me while I was reading the last few posts in this thread...

    There will be many who have a form of godliness but deny the power of God... Can God, through different biblical versions, teach and edify and direct us by His Spirit, to what He wants to reveal and share with us, wither it is KJV, NIV or what else is there?

    Or is having too many versions too great of a task for God to be able to speak to those whom hear His voice and are sensitive to the Spirit of God?

    Does man have to get in the mix and dictate the most accurate or correct version of the Bible?

    God, being the creator of the universe, is not powerful enough to overcome linguistics and might not be able to speak to those who hear His voice and not know the movement of the Spirit because the wrong version of the bible is being used? This is foolishness and nonsense...

    Seems to me it is the spirit of this age, everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes, and having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof.

  12. When the Lord had me give up my executive search firm back in 1983 and stay home and read the bible for eight hours a day for nine months, He had me buy several versions. When I finished one version, He would have me read another version, etc., etc. He spoke to me in many ways using different versions of the bible.

    One verse that I remember in particular, He told me to read in a particular translation. That translation told me EXACTLY what God wanted me to hear. Other translations were quite

    Isaiah 54:17 - No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment SHALL PROVE TO BE WRONG.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their vindication is from Me,” says the LORD.

    Notice that it says "every tongue which rises against you in judgment shall prove to be wrong." Other versions say "you shall condemn", and still others say "you shall refute". The Lord didn't want me condemning or refuting what people said about me, that was His job. For other people He may use the verse that says "you shall condemn"

    "God uses His word to accomplish that which He pleases and purposes." There is NO ONE "official, authorized" version of the bible.