Monday, December 17, 2012

School Shootings

Many people in this nation are wondering how God could allow so many innocent children to be killed in this tragic mass killing at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut. Where was God? Why wasn't He watching over them? There a a couple on answers.

First of all, God was watching over these children. He took them home before the terrors of His judgment and wrath are poured out in earnest upon this wicked and perverse nation. Those were the lucky children who won't have to go through the horrors that are almost upon us. It is a horrible tragedy for their families and friends, there is no doubt about that. But these children who died will not have to suffer what the rest of us soon will. They will not be running for their lives in the near future as so many others will.

Where was God while all this was happening? Why isn't He protecting our children in school? We kicked God out of our schools many years ago. We told Him that He could no longer be honored in our schools. That the children could no longer pray to Him in school. That He was no longer welcome there. He was banned from our educational institutions. And we expect Him to be there protecting our children?

We kicked Him out of our government. We kicked Him out of our schools. We kicked Him out of our military. We have kicked Him out of our country. He is no longer protecting this nation and its people.

One last thought. Many are saying that there are now 20 little angels in Heaven. The Bible says that we will judge the angels, which means that we will not become angels when we die, nor will those children. What will become of them? I do not know. That is one of God's mysteries.


  1. The bible says absent from the body, present with the Lord. Thank You Lord Jesus they're safe with our Father in heaven.
    Mavis G.

  2. The hypocracy of this president "shedding tears" and his brainwashing mainstream media screaming anti-gun rants at every turn is just sickening. This country has the blood of millions of children on its hands, little ones who never made it out of their mothers' wombs, being more violently hacked up than the schoolchildren last Friday. The child butchers en masse under the satanic umbrella of U.S. legal protection will answer to God.

  3. Yes, but it is official THE PEOPLE - not just the government have kicked YHVH out of this nation as shown at the Dem Convention where a majority of the delegates of the stated NO! three times to having god as part of their platform. We have stated NO! by condoning homosexuality, false doctrines, and other abominations within our churches and refusing to speak out against the Apostasies of Rick Warren and Joel Osteen and their claims to represent Jesus.

    We as a nation have rejected YHVH and will no longer be under his protection. Hurricane Sandy, The shooting in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, and many other shootings will follow, not to mention other judgments such as various illnesses will be the result of this. PRAY HARD for your loved ones and yourselves. The times of the testings has come and many are not ready.